Critical Corona Outbreak, South Koreans Are Urged Not to Leave The House

Critical Corona Outbreak, South Koreans Are Urged Not to Leave The House

The South Korean government on Saturday urged its citizens to stay indoors. The call was issued as part of the struggle against the corona outbreak which is in a “critical period”.

Deputy Health Minister Kim Kang-lip said that now is a “critical period” in curbing the spread of the virus. For this reason, the community is requested to remain indoors and avoid travel outside the home, and minimize contact with others.

South Korea is the country with the highest number of Covid-19 infections outside of China, with 2,931 cases recorded, after the highest jump in new daily cases of 594 cases. Among these, 17 deaths have occurred, since the confirmation of the first patient on January 20.

“We ask the public to refrain from attending public events this week, including religious gatherings or rallies,” Kim said.

A total of 476 new cases that emerged came from the city of Daegu, precisely in a church that was the center of the plague. Another 60 cases have occurred in the surrounding area in North Gyeongsang Province, according to the South Korea Disease Control and Prevention Center.

Health authorities are testing more than 210 thousand members and 65 thousand potential church members associated with most cases of infection after a 61-year-old woman, known as “Patient 31”, attends a church service before being confirmed corona positive.

“Of the 88 percent that have been examined, about 3,300 people experience symptoms of illness such as fever, Kim said.

Some provincial officials even want to apply criminal penalties against the church. Because the church is said to refuse to provide a complete list of its members.

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The church also denied the allegations. They urged the government to end “slander and pressure” on the congregations. Kim stated that the government was working with local authorities to examine the allegations.



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