Kepulauan Seribu are a group of islands located in the Sunda Strait, north of Jakarta. Kepulauan Seribu have hundreds of islands scattered and most of the islands are uninhabited. Although many islands in the Kepulauan Seribu are uninhabited, this does not prevent tourists from visiting and enjoying the beauty of the islands. The following are some of the Kepulauan Seribu Islands that travelers must visit when visiting the Kepulauan Seribu:

Untung Jawa Island
The location of the island is very close to the Ancol Jaya Dreamland Park. Because the location is close, making Untung Jawa Island easy to attract tourists to come without spend a lot of money. The people on this island are very friendly and open to tourists. Many lodgings and tour packages are managed directly by local residents
There are quite complete tour options on Untung Jawa Island. Tourist can choose to cycle around the island, play banana boat, jetsky, snorkel and diving. When you are tired of enjoying the tour packages that are on the island, tourists can rest at the lodging which is also available at cheap prices but is clean and comfortable.

Tidung Island
Tidung Island is the most favorite island visited by tourists who come to the Kepulauan Seribu. Tidung Island has a famous tourist spot which is a bridge called the Love Bridge/ Jembatan Cinta. This bridge connects Tidung Besar Island and Tidung Kecil Island. The wooden bridge is about 800 meters long. This bridge is not only a link between the islands, but is also often used  for testing the guts for visitors who like adrenaline to jump into the sea from a height of about 5-6 meters.

On Tidung Island, Tourist can choose to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the island by going around and resting on the pavillion or inn that stands there or try the fun of water attractions such as snorkeling, diving, and canoeing along the beach. To go to Tidung Island, tourists can take a boat or motorboat that departs from Muara Angke . The travel time needed is around 3 hours.

Semak Daun Island
Visit Semak Daun Island if you like and really admire the natural beauty of the underwater and want to explore it as much as possible without having to go all the way from Jakarta. This island is the mainstay of the Kepulauan Seribu  paradise to enjoy the beauty of underwater tourism while offering a tranquil atmosphere of calm around it.

Semak Daun Island is also a favorite place for tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful stretch of white sand on the shoreline. This small, uninhabited island is perfect as a short break for Jakarta residents who are tired of the hectic and stressful work life routine. Here, tourists can set up a tent to spend the night at the beach accompanied by a quiet atmosphere.

There are no lodging or other tourist facilities on this island, but it is precisely here that there is a uniqueness that many tourists seek. In the morning or evening, tourists can enjoy the beautiful, clear and clean underwater  by diving or snorkeling. Don’t forget to bring your own equipment because this island is truly a quiet and quiet island that does not provide any facilities for tourists.

Bira Island
The atmosphere on Bira Island is still natural and very well maintained because it has not been visited by many tourists. To get to this island, tourists have to fight a long journey. Tourists must travel by motorboat for 3 hours from Muara Angke pier, to an island for transit called Pramuka Island. After that, tourists take another motorboat that goes directly to Bira Island. The long journey taken is guaranteed not to be regretful. Everything is comparable to the natural beauty offered by Bira Island.

On Bira Island, tourists can see directly the natural beauty of the underwater by snorkeling and diving. Even just by sitting on the edge of the pier, tourists can enjoy the beauty of coral and coral reefs because the sea water is clear and clean. Sitting lingering on the edge of the pier while enjoying the sunset.  If you want to spend the night on Bira Island, there are several wooden houses and cottages that are designed in a vintage style that can be rented to stay.

Kepulauan Seribu

Pramuka Island
Pramuka Island is one of a total of eleven inhabited islands in the Thousand Islands region and is the capital of the Kepulauan Seribu administrative district. There are also educational tours in the form of rare hawksbill turtles. This turtle conservation in Pramuka Island is what makes tourists come to this island.

In Pramuka Island, tourists can enjoy sea tourism by swimming and snorkeling. The island is relatively crowded and has complete tourist facilities such as lodging, leisure huts, snorkeling and diving equipment rental, bicycles to get around the island, and others.

Harapan Island
The island is very beautiful and has a unique charm. On this island, there is a wooden bridge that can be used to relax while enjoying the vast blue sea and small islands scattered in the distance. Harapan Island is famous for the beauty of coral reefs that make many tourists who like to dive and snorkel feel at home in the water. When diving to the bottom of the sea, there will be a beautiful stretch of coral reefs that are still well preserved.

Snorkelling above sea level is no less fun. Tourists can enjoy swimming around a cluster of shallow coral reefs and small fish that swim swiftly. Harapan Island is also home to a group of rare animals that are protected from extinction, namely the Eagle Bondol. So, in addition to nature tours, tourists can also tour education by knowing more about the habitat and life of Eagle Bondol.


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