Want to travel to New Zealand? Avoid These 10 Mistakes

travel to New Zealand

From local customs to logistics These are the most frequently made mistakes to avoid during your journey in New Zealand.

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Trip to New Zealand

If you’ve always dreamed of doing something and completely different, New Zealand is an amazing destination worth considering. As of May 1, travelers who have been vaccinated from countries with visa waivers will be permitted to visit. However, getting “down under” requires quite much effort as well as planning (not to mention the time on long-haul flights) Therefore, you need to make sure you’re following the correct procedure and don’t miss anything during your stay. From local customs to logistics these are the most common mistakes to avoid on your trip to New Zealand.

Only Visiting During Winter

Yes, New Zealand has some excellent slopes for skiing however, if you’re planning to make the journey to this remote region of the world you’ll would like to take in the outdoor in its full splendor and the best time to do this is during summer.

You can take a dip at the stunning beaches, waterski at the lakes eat alfresco at world-class wineries and stroll along the breathtaking scenic walks beneath the South Pacific sun.

Be aware that the seasons are exactly reverse of those in those in the Northern Hemisphere, so ideally plan your trip from November to March to enjoy the most favorable conditions for weather.

Not Renting a Car

The most effective and efficient method to explore New Zealand is definitely by car. Once you’ve reached your location, there are additional things to do and sights to explore which are scattered across the country without a direct public transportation alternative.

Additionally, there are numerous amazing road trips that are better enjoyed in your private car than in the tour bus. Be aware that the terrain is tough on the roads of New Zealand and there are many mountains. When you rent the car, choose one with some power. The weather can be unpredictable and you should avoid booking convertibles (as amusing as it could be to drive through the coastal areas in summer).

In addition, as with many Commonwealth nations, drivers drive on the left when driving in New Zealand, so familiarize yourself with the rules before you set off.

Overlooking the North Island

A lot of travelers design plans around South Island, only spending just a short time on Auckland when they arrive. However, any journey in New Zealand is incomplete without thoroughly exploring New Zealand’s North Island; it is equally beautiful and natural as the south, and is home to four of seven Relais & Chateaux’s New Zealand properties.

There are gorgeous white and black-sand beaches as well as sprawling islands and waterfalls. The south is marked by dramatic mountains and alpine scenery that are each stunning and worth visiting.

Enjoy a few nights in the nation’s biggest city, Auckland, known as The City of Sails, and visit the top restaurants and shopping areas, as well as art galleries. You can also take an excursion boat to Waiheke for a delicious lunch at one of the exquisite vineyards; travel toward the northern part of The Bay of Islands and enjoy the activities on the water; Also, take a look at the tourist attractions that are located in the capital of the country, Wellington.

Packing Mainly Casual Clothes

New Zealand is indeed a destination to enjoy the magnificent outdoors and discover the beauty of nature on the foot. But trekking across the hills isn’t always the sole thing you’ll be doing (or it should not be) and so you should take your luggage as if you’re headed to Europe.

New Zealand has a vibrant local fashion scene. While there aren’t any black tie establishments, there are plenty of elegant restaurants and bars that demand formal attire.

We suggest carrying a pair of espadrilles to avoid getting trapped in the lawn when you’re planning a trip to a winery? A large bag will carry all the things you’ll require for a trip including sunscreen and swimwear should the opportunity occur. Remember to bring an outer jacket, regardless of whether you’re travelling in summer months, since it can be cold at night.

Staying Within Your Comfort Zone

What else could you do but fly in a hot-air balloon and Champagne to begin your day? Jet boating through the canyons at speeds of 50 mph or take a flying a helicopter across an island to enjoy a leisurely lunch?

New Zealand offers a multitude of options that appeal to diverse tastes, in adventure activities to amazing hikes and exclusive luxury trips. It’s an ideal location to experience an unforgettable experience that you will never forget.

Not Planning Your Itinerary in Advance

If you’re planning to reserve a car on specific dates or to take on an adventurous thing, it’s recommended to reserve your trip ahead to ensure that you don’t miss out. Restaurants are worth looking at and reserving in advance as they are often booked out during weekends, particularly (and the eateries located in New Zealand are not something you’d like to overlook).

The museums or galleries generally safe to visit without a prior reservation, however certain exhibits may have time slots and there might be some remaining capacity limitations because of COVID.

Not Buying a Local Sim Card

The cost of roaming can be exorbitant in this part of the globe. If you are looking to purchase the Vodafone SIM card in Auckland Airport (where the majority of international flights arrive) is the best way to go. Just be sure to attach the original card to the inside of your phone case to ensure it’s not lost.

Condensing Your Trip Into Less Than Two Weeks

You can easily stay longer than two whole weeks New Zealand, but that is the minimum time needed to experience the country in a proper manner. Split your time equally across your North as well as the South Island and take into the days that are likely to be lost due to travel.

Every road is a beautiful roads within New Zealand, and there are many stunning viewpoints as well as charming townships to take a break in, so make sure to leave plenty of time to explore if you’re driving.

If Oceania is a one-time experience which you’re not likely to repeat take a look at stopping in Sydney when you return It’s an amazing city that is an excellent option to get off the long travel.

Forgetting Your Motion Sickness Pills

The water can be rough and the roads may be turbulent. Make sure you are making sure you have the proper medication prior to your departure. Another tip to take should you be prone to motion sickness or any risky travel situations? Make sure you keep your eyes open and away from your mobile, and do not slouch whenever you can (this applies to all places and in all circumstances).

Not Speaking to the Locals

New Zealanders are genuinely and warm smiles go far. Don’t be afraid of asking for directions or suggestions People will be glad to get you on the right path and offer suggestions for the best place to grab a great espresso or suggest a spot that has a great ambience for dinner. Keep in mind it is the case that New Zealand uses the metric system, meaning that distances will be measured in kilometers, not miles (likewise the weather will be expressed in degrees Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit).

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