10 Safety Tips While In Java, Indonesia

Safety Tips While In Java

An island with a vibrant history, Java is the most urbanized island in the Indonesian archipelago. Scenic setting, historically significant monuments, volcanoes, Buddhist temples, crammed cities, rustic beauty, mix of cultures, etc make Java an interesting place to visit. Read 10 safety tips while in Java that can make your stay enjoyable.

Tip 1: Exercise common sense

Common sense is an important ingredient in every day affairs and especially while you are traveling in a new land. Be vigilant and careful throughout your stay in Java.

Tip 2: Be ready for chaos

Like any overcrowded place, Java has its share of problems like traffic Jam. Be careful while crossing the roads, since pedestrians are non-existent on the roads for most of the drivers. If possible cross the roads in groups, to avoid being caught unguarded. People posing as beggars steal your stuff, so don’t open the car doors in traffic.

Tip 3: Hire taxis cautiously

While hiring cabs in Java, look for a reputed cab service, which are available on the net. Look at the ID provided for the taxi and the driver on the dashboard. Take a seat behind the driver. Check if you can open the cab door from inside. It will be useful in case of an emergency.

Tip 4: Know the land you visit

Do a bit of research on the laws, customs and details of the spots you are visiting in Java. Try to get a map of Java prior to your visit and know a few landmarks along the route.

Tip 5: Safeguard your belongings

Safety Tips While In Java
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Most tourists are victims of theft, irrespective of the country or place they are in. Keep your luggage and bags safe while you are in public or a crowded place in Java. Don’t entrust the duty of safeguarding your belongings with a stranger. This will invariably land you in trouble. Keep your passport and all the necessary papers in a safe place.

Tip 6: Don’t attract unwanted attention

Try to look normal amidst a crowd and don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Don’t open your wallet and reveal the credit cards/ money that might catch a mugger’s attention. If traveler’s checks are valid in Java, take them instead of carrying too much cash.

Tip 7: Use authorized places for exchanging money

Authorized places like banks and hotels can be used for exchanging money. Be aware of the exchange rates to avoid being cheated by the local vendors.

Tip 8: Seek the hotel’s help

If you are staying in a hotel, ask the authorities to arrange a taxi or cab, when you need it. A reputed hotel will guide you throughout your travel by arranging convenient transportation, travel guides and recommend good food outlets, etc.

Tip 9: Find help

Record a few emergency numbers and call them in the event of an accident or dangerous situation. Find help from the local authorities and the embassy, in case of a problem.

Tip 10: Be confident

Don’t look scared and vulnerable. Look confident as though you know your way around. This will keep you safe in Java.

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