10 Tips For a Memorable Visit to the Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi

blue fire of Ijen crater

Ijen crater with the phenomenon of blue fire became its own charm for travelers. There are only two blue flames in the world, one of them in Iceland, so it’s no wonder that the Ijen crater is a destination both for domestic and foreign tourists. Before traveling to the Ijen crater, you need to prepare everything in advance. So that everything can run smoothly.

1. Choose your travel date
Ijen Crater with its beauty invited many travelers to visit it. For that it will be difficult to get lodging if you do not plan ahead of time, Therefore, you must plan from the beginning. Or for those of you who like camping in the wild, you can camp in the camping ground area available in the Paltuding Zone.

2. Choose the right time
For those of you who will go in the rainy season, think again. Are you physically ready? including the additional equipment?

If you are not ready, you better choose to go during the dry season. Because in the dry season, the weather will be friendlier. And the view that you enjoy is also better.

3. Physical Preparation
To go to Ijen Crater, it takes up to 3 hours to travel. The distance is not close, especially if the path we are going uphill and sandy. It must be draining. Do not stop and fail until the peak because of fatigue.

4. Prepare the vehicle
Preparing the vehicle’s condition before going to the Ijen crater is important. For the sake of maintaining your safety on the way. Moreover, the road to the Ijen crater has many turns and there are occasional holes with holes.

One more thing you need to prepare, fill up your vehicle’s gas. There is a mini fueling station, precisely in front of the clinic, Sempol. It was the last gas station before reaching Paltuding. Forget this point if you are traveling with a travel agent.

5. Clothing and supplies

  • Thick jacket: the temperature in the Ijen crater was quite cold, so bring a thick jacket. Not just a fashion jacket. Also, wear long-sleeve shirts before you wear a jacket.
  • Quick Dry Pants: the weather on the mountain is difficult to guess, it is recommended to wear quick-dry pants so that if at any time exposed to rainwater can dry quickly.
  • Raincoat: Always bring a raincoat, even though it’s the dry season because the weather is unpredictable. Raincoats are important to keep your clothes dry to avoid hypothermia.
  • Flashlight: We really need a flashlight while going to the Ijen crater. Because we will start climbing at dawn. Therefore, bring a flashlight and a spare battery. recommended using a headlight to make it more practical.
  • Headcover and gloves.
  • Mountain shoes: Mountain shoes will prevent our feet from the cold on the top of the mountain.
  • Masks: You will visit volcanic lakes as well as sulfur mining, and you will face a strong sulfur odor. For this reason, it is highly recommended to bring a mask.
  • Clear safety glasses: Using clear glasses will help prevent your eyes from sulfur fumes which can make your eyes feel sore.

6. Camera
You will need a camera to capture your beautiful moments and share them with your relatives and friends.

7. Food and Beverages
Bringing your own food and drinks is far better than buying in a tourist area, besides the price is cheaper, the cleanliness is more maintained.

8. Portable stove
If you prefer to camp, you will need this portable stove to cook your food practically.

9. Enough Cash
Bring enough cash because there are no ATMs around the Ijen crater.

10. Chasing the Blue Fire
Blue fire is the main destination for tourists visiting the Ijen crater. To enjoy this phenomenon you will need a struggle. Leave early and don’t waste time. So that we are not late to the bottom of the crater.


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