10 Traditional Foods in Jakarta That You Must Try

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10 Traditional Foods in Jakarta

Indonesia is not only rich in culture, but also has a variety of yummy culinary foods. This time, we will review 10 traditional foods in Jakarta. Yes, in this metropolitan city, you can still find traditional food in Jakarta that still survives, amidst the onslaught of modernization. Let’s take a peek together!

1. Kerak Telor

This traditional food uses basic ingredients made from white glutinous rice, chicken eggs or duck eggs and ebi (dried shrimp). Kerak Telor usually only appears during Jakarta Birthday celebrations.

10 traditional foods in Jakarta
Kerak telor,  photo via dapurkobe.co.id

2. Soto Betawi

This Betawi food besides selling a lot at roadside restaurants, you can also make it yourself at home. One of the special characteristics of Soto Betawi is the presence of beef offal, even cow’s eyes and cow’s testicles, and chips.

10 Traditional culinary in Jakarta
Soto Betawi,  photo via jakarta-tourism.go.id

3. Asinan Betawi

Asinan Betawi made from fruits and vegetables is processed into pickles. In Indonesia, Asinan Betawi become one of the special dishes of Indonesian culinary arts.

Foods in Jakarta
Asinan Betawi, photo via pinterest

4. Roti Buaya/ Crocodile Bread

Roti Buaya usually appears at traditional Betawi wedding events. Like Crocodiles who only mate once in a lifetime, therefore Roti Buaya believed to be a symbol of loyalty.

Roti Buaya/ Crocodile Bread
Roti buaya, photo via genpi.co

5. Ketoprak

Ketoprak uses the main ingredients such as tofu, cucumber, vermicelli, and boiled eggs, then seasoned with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and a sprinkling of onion.

Traditional food jakarta
Ketoprak, photo via dapurzahra,com

6. Laksa Betawi

Laksa Betawi is a typical Betawi food made from noodles cooked with yellowish broth from rebon shrimp. Laksa Betawi will be more delicious if eaten with ketupat, bean sprouts, eggs, and chives.

culinary in jakarta
Laksa Betawi, photo via indonesia.go.id

7. Soto Tangkar

Tangkar is a beef rib in the Betawi language during the Dutch colonial era and is still used today, although it is rarely known by the current generation. Soto Tangkar uses ribs cooked with spices, usually served with chips and chili sauce.

Soto tangkar jakarta
Soto tangkar, photo via sajiansedap.grid.id

8. Sayur Babanci

Sayur Babanci is usually served when breaking the fast and Eid Event. The funny thing is, despite the name of the Sayur babanci (Sayur mean vegetable), it turns out there was no vegetable inside. Named Sayur  Babanci because this vegetable is not clear type, it can not even be categorized as a vegetable because there is no vegetable mixture
Sayur Babanci is taken from the name of Banci/ sissy, a man who prefers to act as a woman in his daily life. Sexually they are men, but they express their gender identity as women.

Indonesian food
Sayur babanci, photo via parenting.orami.co.id

9. Ayam Sampyok

Ayam Sampyok is a unique blend of Chinese and Betawi flavors. Not only cooked once but twice to make sure the spices are absorbed.

jakarta tradisional food
Ayam sampyok, photo via satebetawi.wordpress.com

10. Semur Jengkol

Semur jengkol is not only popular in Jakarta, but has also spread to almost all regions in Indonesia. Even though sometimes it smells bad, Semur jengkol is liked by many peoples.

10 Special Foods in Jakarta
Semur Jengkol

Thus reviews 10 traditional foods in Jakarta. If you are visiting Jakarta, it is incomplete if you don’t try the various foods above

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