3 Famous Surfing Heaven in Lombok – Sumbawa

The beaches in Lombok are known to have quite big and challenging waves. in Lombok there are many beaches that are used as surf spots and even become a haven for surfers.

The fame of the beaches in Lombok has even been well known to foreign countries. No wonder the surfers from abroad often dominate and are curious to try the sensation of the big waves on Lombok.

Selong Belanak Beach

Selong belanak beach has a very long coastline, wide and sloping. This beach has very interesting waves. Selong Belanak Beach is suitable for beginners because the waves are not too high and the base of the sloping sand is suitable for surfing. Here also we will find it very easy to find surf coaches who are ready to train and accompany beginners.

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Lakey Beach

Lakey Beach has great waves that are suitable for surfers, besides that Lakey beach is a place to see the most beautiful sunset and sunrise on Lombok. Many photography lovers also often stay overnight here, just to capture the sunset and sunrise at once.
There are four types of waves on the lakey beach that are often referred to by surfers, such as Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe, and Periscope. Lakey Peak is the type of wave that is the most challenging and great for surfing because it has waves from the left and right. On the left side form a long tunnel, while on the right is a wave roll that is perfect for surfing.
Lakey Beach is located in Hu’u District, Dompu Regency, about two hours drive from Muhammad Salahudin Airport, Bima

Lakey Beach Sumbawa
Lakey Beach, Dompu Sumbawa, Photo via pesonalomboksumbawa.info

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Rantung Beach

Rantung Beach is often known as Yoyo Beach, because it has waves that roll like a yoyo. Waves like that are hunted by surfers from various countries. Wave surfers usually arrive before noon, especially to the very end of Rantung Beach. The waves during the day at Rantung Beach are quite big. Many of the surfers who came from abroad admitted that they fell in love with the calm Sumbawa sea and had tempting waves.

Rantung Beach
Rantung Beach, Photo via agoda.com

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