33 Tips for Safe Travel

safe travel

You don’t want to be in trouble while traveling to unknown destinations. This includes robbery and rape as well as murder. Because tourists don’t prepare well before they travel, they are often victims to criminals. Let’s look at some things that you can do to avoid your travels becoming a tragedy.

  1. Your home address should not be listed on your luggage tag. You can put the address of the company on the tag if you are traveling for business. If you are visiting friends, your address may be included on the tag. Also, consider using covered luggage tags.
  2. Keep your bag until it is checked. Keep one foot on the handle if you have to put your bag down.
  3. Always keep important papers close by. Never lose anything you can afford. Photographcopy your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards.
  4. A small flashlight is a good idea. It’s possible to suddenly find yourself “in the darkness” or in unfamiliar surroundings. Keep your flashlight close to your bed at night.
  5. Your prescription medications must be filled correctly and properly labeled. Certain prescription medicines may be prohibited in certain countries.
  6. Don’t wear anything that reflects wealth. You should not be seen with expensive jewelry, gold chains, rings and expensive watches, luggage or any other paraphernalia. Even better: Leave your jewelry at home.
  7. Travel with one or two credit cards if possible
  8. A woman should not accept a drink from someone else, especially women. You should always be careful with what you drink.
  9. Varietate your schedule. Try not to go to the same place every day.
  10. Do not stay at a hotel that opens rooms with cards. Make sure you have a peephole in your room and a deadbolt lock. Attach the chain to the door and place a rubber stop underneath it.
  11. You should stay in a room that is near a staircase. If there is smoke or a fire, do not use the elevator. Stay in an hotel that has doors leading to the hallway, and not from the outside.
  12. Publically, do not wear name tags
  13. Use only marked taxi cabs.
  14. You can sit behind the driver to see him but you cannot see him.
  15. Upon reaching your destination, pay the driver while you’re still in the car.
  16. Renting a car from a reputable company is a good idea. Any problems with the car’s operation could indicate sabotage.
  17. Avoid’staged’ accidents that are designed to get you off guard.
  18. Back into your parking spaces to facilitate a quick exit.
  19. Only park in areas that are well-lit and well-traveled.
  20. Consider renting a cell phone if your mobile device is not compatible with the rest of the world.
  21. Ask for identification if you are detained by an official for any reason. If you are unsure, inform them that your superior is wanted. Be controlled by your emotions
  22. In the unlikely event you are separated from your children while on vacation, be sure to bring a current photograph of them.
  23. Each card should include your child’s name, your hotel number, and the contact information of a friend or relative. Each child should be given a card that they can carry around with them while you’re away. You can destroy the card once you return.
  24. Discuss with your family what you would do in an emergency away from home. How to reach emergency personnel, who to call, and so on.
  25. If you are not comfortable discussing travel plans, room numbers or other personal information with strangers, it is best to keep them away.
  26. You should bring a basic first aid kit, including bandages, iodine and sunscreen. Also, make sure to have alcohol packets, dramamine or pepto bismol.
  27. Before you travel, familiarize yourself with bus and train schedules. In the unlikely event that your transport plans change, have an alternative plan.
  28. Publicly, don’t flash your passport. Only show official documents in confidence.
  29. You might consider purchasing portable alarms with a loud sound.
  30. Beware of scammers on the streets. Pickpockets are notorious for pickingpocketing children who work with adults.
  31. Never show your cash in public. Only exchange funds with well-respected and reputable exchangers.
  32. Service personnel should be given tips in advance
  33. If you are traveling to areas with high crime rates, consider renting an escort [security] company.

Situational awareness is the key to safe travel in any region. You can be distracted by luggage, children, staff at hotels, or strangers. You could be at risk. Be aware of your surroundings and take control of any situation.

Source by Matthew Keegan

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