4 Paths Towards the Top of Mount Bromo

To be able to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset from Mount Bromo requires a struggle.

Mount Bromo with its charm, making it a major tourist attraction in East Java. Bromo is located within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. The shape of Mount Bromo is intertwined between valleys and canyons with a caldera, or a sea of sand covering about 10 square kilometers on its feet.

bromo tengger semeru national park
Mount Bromo, Photo via intrepid travel

Bromo is a volcano that is still active so it is dangerous as well as beautiful with a crater about 800 meters in diameter stretching from north to south, and about 600 meters from east to west. Apart from the danger because of its activity, Mount Bromo has always been a tourist attraction visited by tourists.

Usually, tourists who come want to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise. However, to be able to enjoy its natural beauty, it also needs a struggle. At least there are 4 paths that we can use to go to Mount Bromo

First path, you can go through the west door from the direction of Pasuruan. If we enter from the village of Tosari to go to the center of the tourist attraction (the dessert of Bromo) is quite heavy. Usually, 4-wheeled vehicles will not be able to pass through the terrain we will pass. This is because the path is a downhill path of steep slopes.

We must rent a jeep car provided by the tour manager to get to the sea of sand. Or, if our stamina is healthy, we can walk to the sea of sand.

The Second path,  is through the north door, from the direction before entering Probolinggo. We can pass the Tongas area, then head to the village of Cemoro Lawang.
Before going down to the sea of sand is not too heavy, because the downhill path from the slope is not too steep. Even a motorcycle can get through it.

Third, you can also go to Bromo via Malang, enter via Tumpang then to Pronojiwo. If you pass this path, you will see a very beautiful view, past the nature reserve with green forest. When straight to the south you will enter Ranu Pane (towards Mount Semeru), and to the north, you will enter the desert of Bromo which is on the southern ridge of Bromo.

The last path, we surround Mount Bromo through the desert for approximately 3 hours. The path is not too steep and can be traversed by motorbikes. However, this route is rarely passed and there is no one stopover or house for the entire trip. But from this path, you can simultaneously enjoy the vast savanna grasslands and flowers behind Mount Bromo. Keep in mind, do not go through this line at night, or when the weather is foggy.

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