4 Places to See Orangutans in East Kalimantan

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In Indonesia, orangutans are primate animals that are widely spread in the forests of Sumatra and Kalimantan. The uniqueness and rarity of orangutans is an attraction for tourists.

East Kalimantan province is one of the areas that still have a habitat for orangutans. So far, there are four places, especially in East Kalimantan, that are popular for tourists to see orangutans. Here are the places that tourists often visit to see orangutans:

BOSF Samboja

BOSF Samboja was established by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in Samboja, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province. BOSF Samboja is known as home to rare animals protected by the state because of its rarity.

Tourists who come to Samboja can see orangutans living freely in pristine forests. The orangutans here are not placed in iron bars or confined spaces. They are left free to enjoy the forest, the shade of the trees, and hang in the trees. Activities that you can do here, of course, take pictures with orangutans, even from a distance.

You can see the cute and adorable orangutan’s behavior and try to interact with him. BOSF Samboja is not far from the city center of Balikpapan, precisely on Jalan Balikpapan-Handil KM 44 RT 01, Margomulyo Samboja District, East Kalimantan.

Kampung Merasa, Berau

Still in East Kalimantan, of course, you can see the orangutans that are often visited, namely in Kampung Merasa Berau, Kelay District, Berau Regency.

The distance from Tanjung Redeb is about one and a half hours by road. To get to the orangutan conservation location on Bawan Island, you must continue the sea trip by boat from Kampung Merasa.

While on a sea trip, you will be spoiled with natural scenery in the form of Instagramable cliffs. Arriving at the conservation location, you can see there are two orangutans. However, you can’t see from a close distance, but only a distance away.

Kutai National Park – Prevab Mentoko

The next orangutan conservation area is Kutai National Park (TNK) Prevab Mentoko in East Kutai Regency. It is located in Swarga Bara Kabo Jaya Village, North Sangatta District.

You can see orangutan activity in this place, from eating, sleeping, and moving from one tree to another.

This conservation forest is a type of rain forest or protection forest. Orangutans like this kind of place very much.

Wehea-Kelay Essential Ecosystem Area (KEE)

This area has been designated as a home for endangered species, especially orangutans, since 30 June 2015.

There are about 1,282 orangutans in Wehea-Kelay, which have an area of ​​532,143 hectares. This place is also a habitat for 713 plant species, 77 mammal species, 270 bird species, 46 reptile species, 70 amphibian species, and 44 butterfly species.

You can see the adorable orangutans’ behavior, and learning the culture from the local population, namely Dayak Wehea.

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