4 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa presents natural beauty that is no less interesting with natural beauty in the eastern part of Indonesia. In Karimunjawa we can still see unspoiled natural scenery, the blue sea, the beauty of underwater parks and shark breeding.

There is no need to worry about accommodation in the Karimunjawa islands because many inns or homestays have been prepared by local residents. Transportation to Karimunjawa is also easy, we can take a plane from Semarang or by using a fast boat. But there are some things that we must pay attention to if we want to visit Karimunjawa.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Karimunjawa
Karimunjawa Island – Photo via kurakuraresort.com

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The right time to visit

If you want to depart from Semarang, you should go on Saturday or Thursday. Because there is only 1 ship departing from Tanjung Emas Port Semarang on Saturday and Thursday. In addition there are also planes departing from Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang on Thursday and Friday. NOW EVERYDAY

If you cannot leave on that day, you must go through Kartini Harbor in Jepara. There are 2 ferry types, namely Express Bahari and Siginjai. Both only have 1 departure schedule every day from Jepara harbor except on Thursday and Monday

Here is the boat schedule:
Monday 07:00 am local time
Wednesday 07:00 am local time
Friday  06:30 am local time
Saturday 07:00 am local time


Monday 09:00 am local time
Tuesday 09:00 am local time
Friday 09:00 am local time
Saturday 10:00 am local time

Always wear footwear

Always wear our footwear while in Karimunjawa Islands, because there are many sharp coral debris and sea urchins that can hurt our feet. Corals containing mocus substances which when scratched leave small amounts of animal protein and calcareous material in the wound.

Seafood tasting

In Karimunjawa square, there are a variety of fresh seafood dishes, ranging from lobster, crab, squid and super large shrimp, to shellfish. We can choose a variety of spices for the menu, there is rica sauce to spicy sweet soy sauce. We can also choose the processing method, fried or burned according to our tastes.

Electricity only lights up at night  NOW 24hrs

Electricity in Karimunjawa only lights up from 5pm to 6am 24 hours. When the electricity is on, you should immediately charge your handphone or power bank.
(Update: Now you dont need to worry, Karimunjawa have 24 H electricity on the main island and Kemujan island)

When the electricity goes out during the day, we can use the time outside with a variety of fun activities on the beach. At night, there is usually a bonfire party held in several homestays. This will add to the sense of community among tourists, both local and foreign.

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