4 Tips Thai Culture You Should Know

Thai Culture

The way to present what is fundamental in Thailand, as shown by Thai people, especially Thai officials. There are four points in the presentation that travelers in Thailand would do well to watch, too.

Many foreigners from countries where the freedom to behave as it will be accepted anyway. Any difficulties caused by the authorities, such as intrusion treated and responded accordingly. Thai government officials have a much higher status than in countries like New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It ‘important to understand this difference in dealing with them. Anyone, including foreigners who profit from when foreigners show respect. The alien must understand that this is not an attack on their self-esteem. It is not about freedom, rights, or those be explicitly about people who are important in Thailand.

Often foreigners’ point of reference for their behavioris whether something similar would happen in their countries. It is not wise, Thailand use this as a reference a. It ‘a unique country with a highly developed culture of them.

Here are four tips to help in Thailand:

First, learn how to properly Wai Thai people. It ‘easy to learn the four basic WAIS. Do you need are probably only two of them. The WAI is the connection between your palms together and raising of hands for different Positions in front of your face. The fingers on show, with the thumb next to your head. If you have contacts with the Thai authorities, it is best to give your fingers wai higher and near the nose. You can bend your head slightly. In Thailand, government officials a high priority, while the men of state affairs when they are less wealthy. High level government officials have very, very big, and not likely to encounter. Your wai is usually appreciated and will be to your advantage to do what you do. The police Wai Thai the same way.

In restaurants and people serving in Thailand WAI, with the fingertips to chin height is recommended. It wai could be higher if you want. However, not to ‘”WAI-happy, the Thai people WAI-Ing all the time. This leads to the enjoyment of all. Wai-fortune is common when people had to Thailand in order for the firstTime.

Secondly, the clothes you wear determine your grade or class in Thailand. A suit will mean that you are a professional, well and that the state and society in Thailand. If you wear a T-shirt, especially if it has no sleeves it was a low draft and will be treated accordingly Generally, unless you speak Thai or maybe you’re on the beach. The T-shirt, shorts and sandals look, popular with New Zealanders, Australia ranks as a lower class or perhaps in a separate class foreigners.

I have clothes to wear, for any contact with Thai officials. There is a big difference in how I am treated by Thais, when I wear my dress. I have a friend, Malcolm, who lives in Thailand and now lives in Australia. He put a tie and a suit when he arrives or leaves Thailand. He says it’s important and it is very good on the flights operated, where it is sometimes enhanced.

Third, do not be angry under any circumstances. Thai people are more relaxed and subscribe to the philosophy of Buddhism. Angry is no advantage for foreigners. It will be a “jai Roon, a person who has no control over their emotions. Emotionally underdeveloped. Thais value the quality of “Jai yen yen ‘, remain calm under pressure. There is a” better way “when you are angry in Thailand. This spirit, the whole body and relax.He smiled gently, calmly and give your case if the person speaks English. Thais is this “Jai yen yen” because in the opinion of Buddhist things, they believe they face the problem probably is not as important in the scheme of things … and probably they are right!

Fourth, the Thai people are very shy with strangers, if they do not speak English. This is particularly true outside of Bangkok, in places such as Isaan. They are interested in you, because youdifferent, but their reluctance to approach can prevent you. It ‘very good for smiling people in general and especially when you see them every day. An attempt to talk to them, even with hand gestures is a good way to break the ice. When you smile, your smile almost always returns. The Thai people are really hot, and they will help you, anxious to know their culture.

The Thais have a great love of sanuk, or fun. If some of the Thai variety shows you see on TV quickly appreciate the humor love Thai and have fun. When you enter in the spirit of things discussed in Thailand for these four points, is very funny … You never want to leave!

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