5 Interesting Natural Attractions In Jailolo That You Must Visit

Kahatola Waterfall Jailolo

Jailolo is a district in West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku. Jailolo is a fruit-producing area such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, langsa, until cempedak. Along the road to Jailolo, residents seemed to peddle fresh fruits, one of which is rambutan fruit.

Almost all the houses in Jailolo always look rambutan trees. When the harvest season arrives, this scene can be found along the main road. In addition to rambutan fruit, another famous fruit is Jailolo durian. Jailolo Durian has a sweet taste and thick flesh,

Jailolo Durian is most often found in the mainland west of Halmahera. Some of the durian from Jailolo even sold to Ternate and Tidore.

In addition to tasting various fruits, Jailolo is also famous for its tourist destinations, including the following:

Tanjung Rappa Pelangi

Tanjung Rappa Pelangi, photo via wartawisata.id

Tanjung Rappa Pelangi is located in the village of Tuada, not far from the city of Jailolo. Tanjung Rappa Pelangi becomes a favorite spot to enjoy the sunset at Jailolo. You can enjoy views of Mount Jailolo, Mount Gamalama and Mount Tidore at the same time. While playing large white sand and decorated with coconut trees and mangrove forests that spoil the eyes.

Kahatola Waterfall

Kahatola Waterfall Jailolo
Kahatola Waterfall, photo via lelemuku.com

Kahatola waterfall is on a high, steep rock cliff, with various trees that grow on either side, and the appearance of the waterfall that goes directly down to the sea becomes a beautiful and spectacular view on Jailolo.

Tanjung Bobo Lighthouse

Tanjung Bobo Light House
Tanjung Bobo Light House, photo via travellingyuk.com

To enjoy the beauty of Jailolo with a 360-degree view, you can visit the Tanjung Bobo lighthouse in the village of Bobo, with a height of approximately 40 m. You will be presented with a very beautiful view from the top of the lighthouse, mountains, sea cities and beaches combined into a beautiful and refreshing unity.

Idamdehe Beach

Idamdehe beach
Idamdehe beach photo via idamdehe.wordpress.com

Idamdehe Beach is a volcanic beach in the village of Idamdehe, so the water flow is hot. North sea that feels hot comes from geothermal heat, while the southern part feels cold. To get to this location we have to travel as far as 12 kilometers from downtown Jailolo.

Babua Beach

Babua Beach
Babua Beach Photo via http://tips-wisata-indonesia.blogspot.com/

This place can’t be missed. For those who like diving, must dive in this place, because it will be welcomed with beautiful and rare coral reefs. To reach this beach you have to rent a speedboat or use a ‘ketinting’ boat. This small uninhabited island is surrounded by Ternate Island, Jailolo Island and Tidore Island.


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