7 Tips For Women Traveling Alone Safely

woman traveling alone

For women, it never hurts to traveling alone. More freely arrange your travel schedule and a long time to settle down somewhere. However, first read these 7 tips so that safe and smooth journey.

Not only men can traveling alone, women can do it too. However, there are things that must be considered specifically on security during the trip. Of course, you do not want to travel into a mess is not it?

7 Essential tips for women traveling alone:

Quoted from the site Huffington Post, the following 7 essential tips for women traveling alone:

1. Do not open the door to strangers

While in the hotel room, there was just a knock on your door. Whether it’s a hotel maid or someone you do not know.
Therefore, you should not open the door to strangers.

Well, you first check who is knocking on the door. It is too risky if you believe by strangers for traveling alone.

2. Choose a room that had no door access to other rooms

When choosing room, you try to choose a room that is not connected to another room. This will maintain the privacy and comfort you during the night.

Imagine, if you choose the rooms that are connected to each other. It might, at night there is someone for fun or accidentally get into your room. Of course, it is not desired by women traveling alone.

3. Wear a fake wedding ring

This is a unique way to keep your safety when traveling. When I was alone in the park or on the beach and a man approached and invited talk, it’s good to let her know you are not traveling alone.

You could argue, partner or husband you’re at the hotel or elsewhere at the time. Additionally, you can use a faux wedding ring to convince your interlocutors. Try it!

4. Do not easily believe in fellow women

Not only men, women also can commit crimes on you when traveling alone. Stay alert to the environment and people around. Old grandmother was suspect when you should seek help to you. Beware!

5. Avoid running the morning or afternoon

When traveling, you may still want to perform routine activities, such as jogging. Indeed, jogging on the beach or in the streets around the hotel is very nice. However, this is dangerous.

Was so much fun running, you can forget the way home. This can threaten the safety, imagine you’re in a foreign place with clothes and maybe potluck. To avoid it, you can do the exercise in the gym to maintain body condition.

6. Friends with security guards

Even if you are a woman who holds the belt taekwondo, not hurt you to make friends with the security guards. To know me closer to the hotel security guards, bar, or the coast guard. This will reduce your risk of crime. Staying wink, then they will be happy to keep you.

7. Turn on the TV when leaving the room

It should also be noted. By turning on the TV room when leaving the hotel room, this room will prevent you from theft. Bad people think there are people in your room.

Traveling alone can be exciting and make yourself be free to explore each destinai. By considering the factor of safety and environmental tehadap more alert, you can avoid unwanted incidents and made the trip enjoyable taste. Good luck!

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