8 rules that you must obey when visiting Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

Visiting Komodo in their natural habitat is certainly very interesting. But be careful, this ancient dragon is dangerous, there are limitations that you must obey so that your visit on Komodo Island is safe and comfortable

Who doesn’t know the Komodo dragon? This ancient, large-bodied and horrifying ancient lizard can only be found in Indonesia. You can find Komodo dragons in the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara.

Komodo Island

This national park includes a number of islands, i.e Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, and several small islands. There are approximately 3,012 Komodo dragons that live comfortably in their natural habitat in Komodo Island National Park. The population of Komodo dragons in Komodo Island National Park is classified as stable and avoid the threat of extinction.

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Of course, it is very interesting to see Komodo in their natural habitat. However, you cannot do as you like when you are traveling there. Because Komodo is still a deadly wild animal for humans. To avoid unwanted things, you should follow these 8 rules when visiting there:

1. Dont Walk Alone Without Rangers

You are forbidden to walk around the island alone. The giant Komodo dragon lives freely on Komodo Island. You can find these Komodo dragons everywhere. For that, you are not allowed to walk alone without the guidance of a guide or ranger. Because the Komodo dragon could suddenly attack at any time.

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2. Do not visit Komodo Island when you are menstruating

Komodo has a very strong sense of smell and can smell blood up to 5 kilometers, for security reasons and information about the island, because it is more vulnerable.

If you have already come there, you must inform the ranger and do a Komodo olfactory trial. If dragons smell blood, then you will not be allowed to continue the trip to Komodo Island and its surroundings

3. Do not be noisy

Anyone who visits Komodo National Park is not permitted to make sudden noise or make a surprising sound, because it is feared that the Komodo dragon will be angry. If so, the giant lizard can attack and harm you

4. Do not swing any objects in front of Komodo

You are also forbidden to swing an object in front of a Komodo dragon. Because Komodo will consider you as prey that must be hunted. In addition, you are recommended to wear a backpack and not wear a dangling shawl.

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5. Bringing and giving food is prohibited

The smell of dragons is very sensitive, for that visitors are expected not to bring any food when visiting Komodo Island. Even if you want to bring food supplies, choose foods that are odorless so they do not invite the attention of these large animals, such as water. You actually have to bring large amounts of water because the Komodo Islands are very hot. You are also prohibited from feeding Komodo dragons for safety.

6. Fire and smoking are prohibited

Komodo Island and its surroundings are arid and barren areas. A little spark can cause deadly forest fires. Therefore, you are prohibited from lighting fires and smoking in this area to preserve nature.

7. Don’t wear red clothes

Like a bull, the Komodo dragon also has the instinct to attack red targets. Therefore you are encouraged not to wear red clothes because it can stimulate the instincts of dragons to attack.

8. Keep a safe distance from komodo

Don’t make panic movements and remain calm and alert when looking at dragons. In addition, always keep a safe distance of approximately 3-5 meters from the Komodo dragon to protect yourself from sudden attacks.

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