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Tulehu is a village in the east of the island of Ambon under the administrative area of ​​Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency. A village led by a king. At this time Tulehu became a village that had a population of approximately 20 thousand inhabitants. A fantastic number for the size of a village.

Tulehu admitted that he was still less prestigious than other destinations. Tulehu is not as famous as Raja Ampat nor is its mysticism as exciting as Bali. But Tulehu has another hidden ‘pearl’.
There are 3 water sources in Tulehu in the form of mountain water, hot water and sea water which are a blessing for Tulehu.

Tulehu has one large bathing pool sourced from mountain water. Hot tubs in Tulehu are also a special attraction. Besides Tulehu also has a hot spring which is adjacent to the edge of the sea.

Located 25 kilometers from the city center of Ambon, you will be presented with a very beautiful natural seaside panorama with a gentle sloping waterfront contour making you want to stop by and enjoy coconut ice.

Hot spring baths

Visit Tulehu, a village with the gift of natural hot water. There is a rumor that says, if someone has felt hot water here, that person will return to set foot here.
Hatuasa Hot Spring, which was established in 1993, is an attractive destination for you to go to. Hot springs come out gushing out and mixed with river water. The level of heat for each water is different, because each pool is given a different height level.

You will be presented with a natural panorama around the natural pool. Because the hot springs are located between large hills that are still covered with lush vegetation. Next to the Hatuasa Baths, we can find the Talanghaha bath which was established in 2008. Not far from there, there is a hot spring but it has not been explored properly.

Seaside With Natural Hot Water

Not only Hatuasa and Talanghaha, in the hot spring village, we can find hot springs that are located close to the sea. The hot springs that were once used by the Japanese army when they controlled Ambon. They built places to enjoy hot water there. But now we can only see the ruins and the rest of the foundation. On the white sand, the people use a dipper to scoop hot water and splash it all over their bodies.

We can only enjoy the hot water in the afternoon when the sea is receding. When sea water is high tide, the hot spring will be covered by sea water.

Rock Sea Coast, A Cool Dive Location

When you go up again, you will find Batu Kuda beach. At the edge of this sea, the source of hot water is not so big as in the Hot Water Hamlet but the natural panorama that is served is very beautiful. sharks are often seen in this region. But do not try to swim in this area if you do not have good swimming skills, the currents in this region are very strong and can drag you into the middle of the sea.

Attractions opened a few years ago are natural attractions that will spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it, the beauty of the waterfront, its natural beauty and clear sea water. He cried, here we can feel the warmth of hot water that flows directly from Mount Salahutu when the sea water recedes. Interesting right?
The source of this spring is believed to flow from Mount Salahutu. Where is the position of the hot water? You can look at the edge of the rocky seaside there are several positions that look rather yellowish. That’s where the hot springs are.

Swim with Morea

In addition to hot spring tourism, a trusted source of fresh water is never available in Tulehu. A pool of large fresh fish and moray eels shares a certain sensation. The pool which is located on Jalan Waelatu, is always crowded. Small children swim in this pool every morning and evening. They bathe, wash or just swim and chat with other children. Every child in Tulehu can swim.

Having the opportunity to bathe in Waelatu makes you not want to get out of the pool. Accompanied by fresh fish and morray eels. People call it “morea”, believed to be the country’s watchman. Nobody caught more. Waelatu water is a pool with a spring that is produced from mountain springs. So the water is very fresh. Not only morea, many fish that live in the pond. I do not know how many years the fish have been located there, because the body of the fish seems very contained.

Visit Pombo Island

Well, if you go to Tulehu, don’t forget to stop by Pombo Island. You can go to this uninhabited island with a small speed boat from the port of Tulehu. The price for renting a boat to Pombo Island is approximately IDR 400k for commuting.

Pombo Island has very charming white sand. Generally people spend time here to snorkel or make tents. But unfortunately this island is often dirty because of the rubbish carried by the current to this island.

Climb Mount Salahutu

One of the cool destinations is traking to Mount Salahutu. Tulehu’s natural panorama from a height is very popular. If you have more time, there is no harm in trying to climb Mount Salahutu which has a height of approximately 900 meters above sea level.

Well, what else makes you think twice about stopping at Tulehu? Many exciting things that you can observe there. Come to Tulehu!

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