A Hidden French Gem Allauch, Provence


Those looking for a rewarding and authentic travel or holiday experience in the south of France may enjoy hanging out in Allauch – a smaller but charming French village. Those looking for a rewarding and authentic travel or holiday experience in the south of France may enjoy hanging out in Allauch – a smaller but charming French village.Even though many people may be familiar with the eventfulness of lively Mediterranean Marseille, or quaint lavender fields of Provence, it`s unlikely they understand about Allauch, an active mix of both the.

Where and what`s Allauch?

Allauch is often a small village using a population close to 19, 000, situated in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of France. It can be around 12km east of Marseille and accessible by trains and (local bus). At 800 feet above sea level, Allauch is nestled over a hill overlooking Marseille, the med Sea and also the Iles (islands) du Frioul (such as Château d`If, the place that the Count of Monte Cristo was set). Allauch influences centre with the mountain range comprised of the Etoile, Garlaban and St Cyr. The caves in this mountainous area have been inhabited considering that the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.

Why Visit Allauch?

Allauch offers visitors a taste from the real villages of France, without tourist crowds. It features a small but authentic number of food and shops plus a lively calendar of events, including concerts, exhibitions and traditional seasonal celebrations throughout every season. Allauch offers visitors a look into the history, culture and traditions of Provence. Moreover it enjoys the sunny Mediterranean climate.

Provence within the Artists` Footsteps

Precisely what is There to accomplish in Allauch?

Activities include :

  • use a meal within the small restaurants dotted down the main street – enjoy set menus offering 2 or 3 courses of French food and wine
  • sit outside in the primary square sipping coffee by the fountain.
  • look at the tourist office about the Esplanade des Moulins – while there looking at the ruins of five windmills.
  • hike the encompassing thyme and rosemary scented hills made famous through the writer and film-maker Marcel Pagnol
  • read a book with a bench ingesting views of the Mediterranean
  • go to the Bremond family`s tea room that has been in Allauch since 1938. Here visitors can also enjoy home-made ice-cream and taste and buying local specialties like nougat and honey sweets. The tea room and shop is adorned with traditional Provencal prints and costumes and a traditional library with comfortable couches to wind down on at the back of the space
  • wander away wandering the rear streets experiencing the narrow and winding French alleyways, the colourful flowerpots as well as the washing blowing inside breeze
  • make the steep but rewarding climb, between the cacti, stony paths and ancient castle ruins, for the church of Notre Dame du Château (first internal 1148), to take pleasure from stunning views of Marseille, Allauch and the colourful mosaic roof with the Church Saint Sebastien
  • check out the gallery of the Vieux Bassin for paintings, photos and exhibitions. Around Christmas see a display of Provencal santons – traditional small clay figures painted to indicate the standard professions of history and also Provencal folklore
  • take part in seasonal celebrations including the music festival in June, the meals and wine fair in November, or donkey day in December – donkey-pulled carts and men, ladies and children dressed up in traditional Provencal costume
  • visit the Christmas industry to look for a colourful variety of hand-made gifts, crafts and food
  • wander, absorb and revel in!

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