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It is almost impossible to paint the diversity of Germany with so many various and vivid colors in just one canvas. Located centrally in the continent of Europe and fortified Denmark and the North Sea on the North, east by Poland and Czech Republic, to the south by Australia and Switzerland, and to the west by France, Luxemburg and Belgium, German art music and architecture had a profound influence on world civilization.

People interested in arts, music, history or simple scenic beauty form the 12 thousand strong crowd visiting Germany every year. The summer months May and September witnesses an influx of maximum tourists, however, skiers prefer the winter months of November, to early March.

The most comfortable way of touring Germany is through autobahnen which is the famous motorway network of Germany. However Germans mostly prefer cycling to any other modes of transport, mainly to save cost and avoid parking nightmares.

Berlin the capital city of Germany, which attracts huge crowd every year, offers a wonderful combination of history, architecture and modern cosmopolitan life. The white sand beaches of the Baltic and North Sea makes it an idle destination for a perfect romantic holiday. The city of Heidelberg towards the southern part of Germany is the house to the famous castle ruins, gothic architecture and magnificent cathedrals. Frankfurt another important city of Germany is known as the “Manhattan of Germany” because of the American flavor predominant in the city, Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany boasts of a classy and artistic population. The area around Saarland is famous for its adventure tourism and fun activities

History can be witnessed and its magic felt in almost all lanes and by lanes of Germany’s major cities. Right from the renaissance architecture at Schloss Weesenstein, the birth place of the father of “communism”, the ruins of the Nazi camps, to the vibrant new scientific world of automobiles, aspirins and Mp3s, Germany has everything laid out for the eternal knowledge seeker

Festivals of every country give a tourist a special opportunity to feel the pulse of that particular country, for visitors to Germany Oktoberfest offers that unique opportunity. People from around the globe gather in Munich during the last days of September to enjoy the spirit and the traditional beer made for this occasion.

The year however begins with the three hallowed kings festivity in January, February brings in the month of festivity with the Carnival (Fasching). As spring bids adieu to winter Germans dedicates this month to the messenger of spring-the kids with the festival of Spandau.

Besides the traditional festivals Germany is abuzz with different kinds of music, sports fashion and film events throughout the year. 2009 is a special year for visitors as Germany celebrates 20 years of” the fall of the Berlin wall”

A tour through the lanes of Germany not only enriches our mind, or soothes our senses, but also teaches us great lessons in determination and courage, which makes the trip worthwhile and an unforgettable experience.

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