A journey to the Beautiful North Island in Seychelles

North Island

North Island in Seychelles is a lonely stretch of land measuring 1 km in length and about half a km wide.

It is about 20 minutes away from the nearest main island Mahe by air route. This island is popular for its natural vegetation and white sandy beautiful beaches all around. There is magnificent rock formations on these beaches which make them set apart from all the other views. Its beauty has been used quiet often by the Hollywood film producers in their movies to attract the viewers to see the beautiful an eye catching natural locations. This island is a real paradise on earth.

Major attractions

Rock & Ride

Apart from the strange rock formations scattered all over island you can see enjoy the bike or car ride on the lovely white sands of the beaches sprawled over the island.

Get away

The isolated north island environment and its deserted looks gave the honeymoon couples and the people who want to get away from crowd, a chance to explore their solitude.


There are granite rocks all over and the water is clean and the land is fertile as the ancestral French settlers who lived here for 150 years produced fruits, spices, fish oil, guano, and copra during this time.


This island is a great place to have a privacy time with your loved ones amidst the greenery and forest vegetation.


Rare species of flora and fauna which are endangered too are preserved here in a specially developed while you will find the giant tortoise roaming here and there on this island, making the view unbelievable and straight out of the dreams.

Hotel and Accomodations

Tourist accommodations are situated at beautiful locations with the sea view where they can enjoy their stay.

Beach options

There are four beaches on North Island: East Beach, Grande Anse, Dive Beach, and Honeymoon Cove.

Beaches on North Island

Since 2003, wilderness safaris, a South African eco tourism company, has been controlling and managing the north island over all functions. A private resort has been developed with a facility of 11 villas in it. A complete restructuring is taking place here to make this island even more attractive. Each building here is now specially being done to make it give unique experience to the visitors.


This is among the first islands to be visited by the humans. In 1609, Alexander Shapleigh with the British East India Company visited this place. At that time the island had a large number of giant land tortoises. In 1826, Marie Josephine CelerineBeaufond began farming on the island. She was a descendant of French settlers who lived on Reunion Island. Beaufond’s family owned North Island for a century and a half. The island produced fruits, spices, fish oil, guano, and copra. The plantation was sold during the 1970s, and the island, abandoned, was gradually taken over by feral animals left behind including cats and pigs. Several types of invasive weeds took over as well.

Future plans

Wilderness safaris can build their new habitats thanks to the island’s location, climate and available resources. Here the endangered species including wildlife creatures and animals can be preserved and kept. Ultimately this will give this island its real perfection of an ideal island with complete tourist package.

Hotel facilities

All the villas and the main areas of the lodge complex are built on the eastern beach. The lodge has a dining room, lounge, health spa, gym, library, dive center, and swimming pool, which is built into a granite outcrop. The Sunset Bar is located on the western beach on the island, but most facilities on North Island are included in the price of staying at the resort. Some things cost extra, however, including yacht charters, golf on Praslin Island, spa therapy, in-villa massage, and deep sea fishing.

Unique dining

The chef on the island hotel asks you about your preference foods and likes-dislikes related to them and then sere you the foods of your likings grown in an organic manure.


scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, nature walks, sea kayaking, wind surfing, fly fishing, sailing, use of the gym, and use of the island buggy are some of the other interesting and adventurous activities that you can perform here.

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