Alas Purwo National Park, A Gem In The Eastern Tip of Java

Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo Location

Alas Purwo National Park is administratively located in 2 sub-districts in Banyuwangi East Java, i,e; Purwoharjo Sub-district and Tegaldlimo sub-district. Alas Purwo is at an altitude of 0 to 322 meters above sea level. Alas Purwo National Park was ordained as a National Park in 1992.

The Alas Purwo National Park Office is located in the city of Banyuwangi. This is where everything related to managing Alas Purwo National Park is carried out.

Alas Purwo known with a distinctive biodiversity. At least more than 700 species of plants there are scattered in various types of forests. From Lowland tropical rainforest, coastal forests, mangrove, And plant forests. This is the beauty and awesome potential of Alas Purwo.

Alas Purwo National Park
Bedul Mangrove


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Bedul Mangrove Forest

Bedul Mangrove Forest is a mangrove area with more than 1000 hectares. It’s a favorite place of various types of water birds that are looking for foods and breed.

Some species of migratory birds inhabit the region at certain times. In October and December, the aquatic birds indulge in sunbathing and looking for food. There are approximately 26 types of mangrove spread in this area. The bustle of fishing communities looking for fish and clams. As well as tourists who take a boat on weekends. All become a sign of the harmony of the relationship between nature and the surrounding community.

Alas Purwo National Park
Ngagelan turtle breeding, photo via

Ngagelan Turtle Breeding

At Ngagelan, we learn about turtle conservation. Hundreds of turtle eggs are buried in the hatching sand. After hatching, some are kept in captive ponds for research purposes. And most of the other hatchlings are released. Swim through the wave rolls, passing through various obstacles.

Pancur Beach Banyuwangi
Pancur Beach, photo via

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Pancur Beach

With the naked eye, Alas Purwo National Park looks flat, with a light wavy topography. Mount Lingga Manis standing firmly with a height of 322 m above sea level. There are dozens of caves in the hills, with some free-flowing springs of all time. This is the famous pancur!

Padepokan Cave, Castle Cave, and Mayangkoro Cave are the 3 most prominent caves in Alas Purwo National Park. These three caves became prominent because of the believed to be a pure magical aura, following his devastating supernatural powers.

Visitors often conduct meditated practices in all three caves. The cave is also inhabited by thousands of bats, recorded around 17 kinds of fruit-eating bats and insects inhabiting the three caves.

Typical plants that dominate the region are bamboo. Until now there are 10 types of bamboo that have been identified. Bamboo forest is the dominant forest type in Alas Purwo National Park because it has approximately 40% of the existing forest area.

Plengkung Beach Banyuwangi
Plengkung Beach Wave, photo via

Plengkung Beach

Plengkung Beach or commonly known as G-Land is a place where world-class surfers are acrobatic. Unique wave rolls in Plengkung beach created by the result of a giant collision between the waves become a challenge for foreign surfers.

Pura Luhur Giri Saloka Temple

Alas Purwo could not be removed from the sacred dimensions surrounding it. The sacred impression of Alas Purwo National Park is expressed in the existence of Pura Luhur Giri Saloka and the site of Kawitan. The temple which is considered most sacred by the majority of Hindus in all corners of Indonesia, because Alas Purwo is a place where Pura Luhur Giri Saloka is located, was originally believed to be the place of the father-father of Hindu leaders who later Day spread Hinduism to the island of Bali.

Experience and awareness of the Hindu community in the vicinity of Alas Purwo National Park are reflected by the ritualistic behavior of Pagerwesi. Rites that often attracted the attention of a large number of people who were set in a devout Hindu or by the adventurers of Hinduism.


Alas Purwo National Park
Sadengan Grass Land, photo via

Sadengan Grassland

Sadengan grassland is a pasture with an area of approximately 84 hectares. Here, various wildlife can be observed and become an impressive view of Alas Purwo National Park.

photo via

Triangulation Beach

Triangulation Beach becomes its own attraction in Alas Purwo National Park. Triangulation Beach is located about 13 km from the Pasar Anyar. Triangulation Beach is one of the beaches that have a forest formation is still complete. This coastal forest is dominated by Nyamplung, Bogem and Pandan Laut trees. Triangulation Beach is also equipped guesthouse for educational and research facilities.

Alas Purwo is one of the many legendary jungles in Indonesia. In Alas Purwo National Park, we not only find biodiversity of flora and fauna but more than that, Alas Purwo also has a history of the social culture of Nusantara, especially in Java Island. Alas Purwo contains locally framed wisdom in a masterpiece.

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Source: Alas Purwo, Mutiara di Ujung Timur Pulau Jawa


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