All you need to know before travelling to Phuket

Phuket is one of the popular tourist attractions in Thailand. The relatively cheap accommodation costs, offshore islands, and clear water beaches make this tourist destination famous. To make your trip enjoyable without hindrance, we will share information about Important Things Before You Know to Phuket.

Many tourists come from various parts of the world. They have fun in Phuket for four days or even more. During this time, they can do quite several things, tour a lot and explore several tourist destinations.

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Phuket is not a destination for shopping lovers.

Some tourists not only come to enjoy natural attractions or local culture but also become a place to shop for typical regional knick-knacks as souvenirs. Goods traded in Phuket are relatively cheap and quite affordable. Not a few tourists buy branded bags, clothes, and more. But, it is very important to be careful and be smart buyers not to buy fake or fake items.

Many do not recommend this place for mass shopping, even though the price is very cheap. Buy dozens of clothes to bring back to your home country to sell, or sell them online. The items here are limited, not in volume, but the choice. After going around several kiosks, you will realize that most items come from the same supplier because most kiosks sell almost the same items. So if you want to shop, buy funky ‘branded’ clothes for your clothes or resale. So Bangkok is a suitable place for that.


Good massage services in Phuket

Many tourists spend their money to pay for various services, such as massage, hairstyling, personal care, pedicure, manicure, and many others. As you probably know, Thailand is famous for massage. As with Phuket, you can find massage parlors everywhere. When looking for massage parlors, make sure it looks clean and air-conditioned, too, because you will be there for at least 1 hour.

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There are various international culinary menus here

Food affairs in Phuket are more specific than food. You will find more international cuisine serving Thai food. Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Turkey, Persia, China.


Don’t visit during the rainy season.

Before visiting a place, it’s good for you to find out how the weather is in that place. Strong winds at sea will force you to abandon all travel plans.

If you want to travel to Phuket, the best time is from December to March, when the weather is not so humid, and a breeze makes it comfortable. Temperatures around 75F to 89F (24C to 32C). The hottest time in Phuket is April to May, with temperatures ranging from 80F to 95F (27C to 36C).

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Use a good travel agency.

Phuket is a tourist destination from various countries, so it is not surprising that there are more tourists from all over the world along the way than local Thai people. You can get relatively good hotels at low prices with so many hotels there.


Transportation while in Phuket

Public transportation is hard to find in Phuket. You can rent a car, or take a taxi to get out of the airport. Your Friends can use TukTuk, or take a private taxi if you want to travel to various places in Phuket. For those of you who have never climbed a tuk-tuk will be a new experience for you. You need to be careful; the Tuktuk driver might charge unnatural rates for you.

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