Allianz New TravelPro Travel Insurance Product Review

Allianz New TravelPro

Allianz New TravelPro is one of the insurance products issued by the leading insurance company Allianz to give you peace of mind on your travels.

New TravelPro has many advantages, including:

  • Maximum travel period 183 days
  • Plan option with unlimited limit on medical expenses
  • Available competitive premiums for Individual, couple and family
  • 4-hour waiting period for delays for baggage or aircraft
  • Cashless Hospital Admission for guaranteed condition
  • Only with 1 phone call: Travel protection with flexible plan options to suit your needs and 24 hours emergency services Allianz Global Assistance is available worldwide.
  • Very affordable travel protection
  • No own risk

New TravelPro Travel Insurance provides benefits for you, among others as follows:

  • Indemnification if the trip must be canceled or shorten the trip.
  • Replacement for loss and damage to baggage.
  • Compensation for flight delays and baggage, ranging from 4 (four) hours in a row delay.
  • Reimbursement of management fees for loss of travel documents.
  • Protection of medical expenses due to illness or accident with the cashless method for hospital hospitalization with conditions guaranteed in the policy.
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation services.

Allianz provides insurance packages New TravelPro Premium, New TravelPro Deluxe and New TravelPro Superior, & New TravelPro Basic Schengen with the reach of Greater Asia, Pacific & Schengen, and Worldwide with a duration of travel 1-31 days with a maximum duration Travel 183 days and apply special premium for the additional duration of the trip. Individual premium, couple and family options available.

New TravelPRo Product Details

1. Protection against medical risks during the trip:

  • Medical expenses and medical related costs abroad
  • Advanced medical expenses in the country of origin
  • Worldwide Emergency assistance
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Repatriation (recurrence of bodies or funeral expenses abroad)
  • Accompanying person
  • Child protection
  • Hospital Admission Guarantee
  • 24 Hours of Allianz Global Assistance assistance during the trip

2. Protection against travel discomfort:

  • Delays and loss of baggage
  • Baggage protection
  • Lost Travel documents
  • Loss of personal money
  • Early return
  • Cancellation of travel
  • Travel delays
  • Travel disruptions and continued transport loss
  • Credit card misuse
  • Personal accident
  • Personal responsibility
  • Own risk charge of rental car
  • Terrorism protection
  • Automatic hospitalization renewal

3. Flexibility percentage benefit based on Plan options: New TravelPro offers total benefits of 250% in each of its authors.
4. Superior, Deluxe, Premier and Basic Schengen packages are available with Greater Asia, Pacific & Schengen, and Worldwide with travel duration of 1-31 days with a maximum duration of 183 days and apply special premium for additional duration Travel.
5. Available premium individuals, couples and families

  • Age: Children 14 days-17 years, Adults 18 years-84 years


For more information, you can contact AllianzCare 1500 136


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