Alor Tourism – Hidden Paradise in East Nusa Tenggara

Alor, besides having world-class dive spots, Alor also stores beauty that makes everyone amazed. Alor is one of the regencies in East Nusa Tenggara province with the best world-class dive site. There are about 42 dive sites that are still unexplored, and still very natural.

Even though it has a popular dive site, Alor tourism is not just the beauty of the sea, you know. If we look further, Alor has many beautiful tourist destinations that make anyone want to visit them.

Tuti Adagai Fountain

Tuti Adagai is a hot spring fontain  located in Alor Timur Laut District, Alor Regency. This fountain is a unique natural phenomenon in the form of bursts of hot water coming out of crystal stones.

The location of the Tuti Adagai Fountain is not far from the city of Kalabahi. Only about 50 km east of Kalabahi, or about 1 hour by road. Road conditions are also very good. So it is very easy to reach using a motorcycle or car.

Tuti Adagai Fountain – Photo Via Super Adventure

Kolam Bidadari/ Angel Pool

Save hidden beauty, making Alor the target of tourists to visit. One of the beauties is Kolam Bidadari. Located in Kokar, Alor district. Kolam Bidadari has very clear greenish water, making anyone fascinated to see it.

More than that, the row of trees surrounding it adds to the beautiful Kolam Bidadari. Make sure this Kolam Bidadari is on your vacation list, huh!

Alor Tourism
Alor Tourism – Kolam Bidadari

Mataru Waterfall

Located in Legiman Village, Taman Mataru, Mataru District, Mataru Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Alor. Take your time to visit this beautiful place, guaranteed you never stop amazed when standing in front of Mataru Waterfall.

The natural scenery is so beautiful, plus the cool and fresh air, and the roar of the rushing flow of waterfalls makes you feel like you are embracing nature. Also prepare your camera to capture this beautiful moment!

Hulnani Hill

Are you ready to hunt sunset? Visit Hulnani Hill! This hill is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, and is not too far from the city center of Alor district, about 20 km away. In addition to enjoying the tranquility and peace on the hill, we can also watch the sunset and see the beauty of Alor Island from a height. Exciting, right?

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