Amantubillah Palace, Pontianak, West Kalimantan

Amantubillah Palace

Amantubillah Palace

Amantubillah Palace is the name of the palace of the Mempawah Sultanate in Pontianak Regency, West Kalimantan. The Mempawah Sultanate became known after the arrival of Opu Daeng Menambun’s entourage from Matan Kingdom, Tanjungpura, around 1737 AD. The place became the location of the current Amantubillah Palace.

Amantubillah Palace was actually only founded around 1761 AD by Panembahan Adi Wijava Kesuma, the third sultan of the Mempawah Sultanate. But in 1880 AD, the palace caught fire. The incident occurred during the reign of Panembahan Ibrahim Muhammad Syafiuddin, the ninth sultan.

The palace seen today was only built-in 1922, when Gusti Taufik, who was entitled Panembahan Muhammad Taufik Akkamuddin, the eleventh sultan, ascended the throne. As of August 12, 2002, the leadership of the Mempawah Sultanate was entrusted to Prince Ratu Mardan Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim, as the thirteenth sultan.

Surrounded by a green environment

Green grass, neatly lined palm trees, and various types of well-arranged flowers make the environment of Amantubillah Palace cool and neat. Moreover, the physical condition of the palace building dominated by light green still looks good with the support of typical Malay ornaments. In addition, in the palace courtyard, visitors can see the square which is green grass and Jami’atul Khair Mosque, Mempawah Sultanate Mosque which stands majestically.

The Amantubillah Palace Building consists of three parts. The main building is located in the middle, while the supporting buildings are on the right and left-wing.

Location of Amantubillah Palace

Amantubillah Palace is located in Kelurahan Pulau Pedalaman, District of Mempawah Timur, Pontianak Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

Access to Amantubillah Palace

Mempawah is about 67 km north of Pontianak City. From Supadio Airport or Pontianak Bus Terminal, visitors can take a taxi, travel and bus to City of Mempawah. From Mempawah City, Amantubillah Palace is about 10 km away. Visitors can access the palace around the Sebukit Rama area by bus or other transportation.

Accommodation and facilities

Around the Amantubillah Palace, there are mosque facilities, hotels, food stalls, and kiosks. The road to the palace is asphalted smoothly, making it easier for visitors who use two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles to access them.

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