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Architecture of Japan

Travel Japan to touch its vivid and bright culture and art! It’s easy to outline some currents and aspects of architecture of Japan, but it’s almost impossible to describe it properly in several hundreds of words. To tell the truth each epoch of history of Japan left its architecture track, and there were several periods, but the most prominent are (some examples are added):

  • Asuka and Nara includes wooden Buddhist temples and worship altars (Horyu-ji, Todaiji, etc.);
  • Heian, the main feature of the style is that the temples were built in the mountains to make them protected from warriors and wars, some differences are tiled roofs, wooden floors, (Byodoin Phoenix Hall);
  • Kamakura’s characteristic is tea spread, tea drinking became a social event, the Japanese created Tea Ceremony and for Sado, Tea way, special buildings were erected. They were made with straw and logs;
  • Azuchi-Monomay style emerged at the war period that’s why it was mainly defensive castles that were built and mostly in the mountains or at the river cliffs (Himeji Castle, Nijo Castle);
  • Edo is a city that had fires often, that’s why it had to be easy to rebuild it, and the architecture was rather simple;
  • Meji period is characterized with foreign styles prevalence (Tokyo Train station and National Diet Building, the legislature building);
  • Modern, having mostly steel and concrete constructions and as little wood as possible since the islands have often earthquakes. And cities have a lot of skyscrapers of various forms.
  • Travel Japan as it’s worth a visit because of its numerous amazing architectural legacies. It should be noted that there are several sights that have been declared to be World’s Heritage and architecture of Japan is unique, no where else in the world you will see such buidings, temples and shrines. Arcitecture of Japan is great, impressive and outstanding!
Architecture of Japan
Architecture of Japan | Tokyo Sky Tree

Travel Japan and see extremely various and rich architecture, and without doubt it can be called one of the main adventures. Travel Japan to experience its best!

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