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Japanese art

Art in Japan is really ancient, dating back to its rise in some 6th century and having about 12 main periods. There is no similar art in the world comparing to Japanese art. It may be that unique due to its remote location and only some Asian countries’ art may be supposed to have something in common with that of Japan. Though it was greatly influenced by Buddhism and China art. There was an Emperor in Japan that believed that China was the country to give origins to the new and remarkable. And Japan is the land to take over all the bright and transform it, but the approach took place long ago, and long ago the Japanese began doing their best to develop their unique native art and architecture.

Art in Japan

When you travel Japan, you are likely to visit some art galleries, museums and theaters to grasp some Japanese art notions and techniques, though the art itself is believed to be simple and colourful, it’s very famous all over the world. And nowadays it’s especially popular to decorate lodgings in Japanese styles with dominant red and yellow colours, true tea sets brought from Japan and sakura paintings and of course the unusual Japanese lanterns that make a room of majestic charm.

Truth be told bizarre is the best word to describe art in Japan. Only here you may look at scrolls of calligraphic writings and parchment manuscripts, wonderful papier-mache figures, incredible and remarkable paintings and graphic designs, unbelievable sculptures, exceptional ceramics and textiles, amazing Buddha monuments made of wood and painted in gold, unusual woodblocks, puppet, comedy and drama theaters. Grasp an opportunity to see an unbelievable and unforgettable performance.

Ikebana is also worth mentioning, it’s a skill of making perfect bouquets and it’s one of the key features of art in Japan. And of course Japanese architecture is one more example of uniqueness of the land of the rising sun. Bear in mind that tea ceremony is regarded an art of eating and drinking in Japan and is exceptional

Travel Japan to touch its centuries-old history, architecture, traditions and art, because they are unique and unusual. And it’s no exaggeration!

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