Bali Safari And Marine Park Admission Ticket Price Update

Bali is a favorite tourist destination for foreign and domestic tourists. The beautiful natural panorama will spoil you. You can choose various tourist destinations in Bali, ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, to culinary tourism.

Besides, the tourism infrastructure in Bali is also better, various interesting places can be enjoyed while on this beautiful island.

If you are vacationing with friends or family, one of the tourist options that you should try among many other options is Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Bali Safari and Marine Park are still under management with Taman Safari Cisarua Bogor and Safari Park Prigen. Bali Safari Marine Park also offers an epic and spectacular Bali Agung Theater show.

There are at least 80 species and 400 various animals from different countries, and 3 areas according to their natural habitat. It is the region of Indonesia’s tropical forests, the Indian region, and Africa.

Wildlife from the tropical forest areas of Indonesia, such as white Starling, owl, Tapir, crocodile, pig deer and Sumatran tiger. Animals from the Indian region, such as the Spotted deer, Himalayan bear, Nilgai, and Black Buck. Then, the animals of the African region, among others hippopotamus, ostrich, lion, Babbon, Zebra and Blue Wildebeest.

To be able to enjoy a visit to Bali Safari Marine Park or even a holiday to Bali thoroughly, come during the low season. Avoid coming during the year-end holiday or school holiday period in July. Besides being quieter, you can also be more satisfied to enjoy various wildlife attractions without having to be crowded with other visitors.


Bali Safari And Marine Park activities and facilities

There are many interesting tourist activities that you can enjoy while visiting the Bali Safari And Marine Park. And here are some tourism activities themed “Safari Adventure” that you can enjoy in Bali Safari Park.

1. The Jungle Hopper

The Jungle Hopper is the flagship program provided by Bali Safari And Marine Park, which offers the thrill of adventure in the wild of Bali Safari Park and a close look at the nearby wildlife and endangered animal species.

In The Jungle Hopper tour Package you will be treated to the atmosphere of the thick area with traditional Balinese culture, then see the aquarium as well as enjoy the treats of attractions or show animals.


Facilities of The Jungle Hopper

Here is a list of facilities that you can enjoy when following “The Jungle Hooper Package” provided by Taman Safari Indonesia 3:

  • Safari Journey (1x)
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Presentation
  • Harimau Show
  • Elephant Show
  • Bali Agung Show (Silver Seat)
  • Waterpark
  • Afternoon Tea at Uma Restaurant
  • Tax included

The Jungle Hopper Bali Safari And Marine Park Package price

To join the activities in this package, each visitor will be charged USD 72/person

2. Elephant Back Safari Package

This Elephant Back Safari tour package offers an elephant ride sensation through an African-themed Bali Safari Park area. You will be invited to walk around the road route and meet various rare animals such as Wildebeests, Zebra and Rhino.

Bali Safari And Marine Park

This adventure tour will be guided directly by Bali Safari Park’s well-trained and experienced charmer to guide and guide you. You will look closely at how interesting the behavior, skills and the doors of the animals we meet during the adventure.

Facilities of Elephant Back Safari Package

Here are the tourist facilities that you can enjoy when you join the Elephant Back Safari Package Tour Package

  • Welcome Drink
  • Safari Journey (Unlimited and Express Line)
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Animal Show
  • Tiger Show
  • Elephant Show
  • Elephant Ride (30 Minutes)
  • Souvenir
  • Tax included

Elephant Back Safari Package price

For those who are interested to try this tour package, there will be a fee of USD 112.5 /person.

3. Night Safari Package

The Night Safari Package brings the thrill and unforgettable experience of a night adventure in the wilderness of Bali’s Safari park. You will be invited to enjoy the night adventure to watch and feed the farm animals in close proximity!

Night Safari Park Bali

In this package enjoy also campfire, BBQ dinner, view of the aquarium as well as interesting and unique events that are met with a variety of natural animals at night.

Facilities of Night Safari Package

  • Welcome Drink
  • Walking Safari
  • Night Safari Journey (1x)
  • BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant
  • Afrikaans! Rhythm of Fire Show
  • Natural Wildlife Encounter
  • Tax included
  • Valid after 6 PM

Night Safari Package Price

To enjoy the Night Safari Package Adventure Tour package at Bali Safari And Marine Park will be charged at USD 99/pax.

To see other available Safari packages you can visit the official web Bali Safari And Marine Park here:
Bali Safari And Marine Park

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