February 3, 2023

Sikunir  is one of the highlands located in Wonosobo district, Central Java with a height of about 2,263 meters above sea level. Wonosobo itself has been known as the ‘land above the clouds’ because of its location in the mountains and has a very beautiful view. Because the geographical contour is in the form of a mountainous area, Wonosobo also has very cold temperatures. Because of its beauty, Puncak Sikunir is a favorite destination for tourists.

To get to Sikunir, visitors must walk a little and climb for several hours to get to the top. During the trip, you will be treated to extraordinary beautiful natural scenery. The mountains around Central Java will look like Sindoro, Slamet, and other mountain ranges. Even though it’s not too high like the other mountains, the beauty of the view of the Sikunir Peak is beyond doubt.


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Apart from having an amazing view, Sikunir  is one of the best sunrise sights in Central Java Province. The sun clearly shows itself slowly. The golden yellow color combined with the cold air in the sky makes the sunrise on Sikunir Hill more perfect.