Begpacker, A New Social Problems in the Tourism Sector

begpacker phenomenon

Planning a vacation with a limited budget for some people is not a big problem. With very careful and detailed planning, various costs can be reduced and can save money so that the vacation can still run according to the plan.

Some of you may already be very familiar with the term Backpacker. This term is very familiar because it is not uncommon to find travelers who call themselves Backpackers.

Understanding Backpacker

Backpacker is a term for those who go traveling from one place to another by saving costs. in other words, backpackers will go on vacation by saving various costs such as lodging, transportation or food
A person traveling with a Backpacker status does not mean not carrying money at all or not carrying sufficient travel supplies.

The backpacker still carries money/ capital for his trip, even though he tries to reduce the existing budget. However, now a new term called Begpacker appears, What is a Begpacker?

The phenomenon of tourists begging in the destination country

In recent years, more and more tourists have actually been on vacation but are running out of money. To make ends meet, he will beg, sell something to get money in the country visited. This phenomenon has also occurred in Indonesia and in many countries lately.

The phenomenon of tourists who run out of money for living expenses in the destination country and finally begging or otherwise is now popularly called ‘Begpacker’.

Begpacker comes from Beg, which means begging and Packer from Backpacker. The term begpacker is becoming increasingly popular with more and more cases of tourists on vacation and then running out of money. Of course, this cannot be justified, because actually the presence of tourists is for vacation and must have enough money, not even begging in the destination country.

In Indonesia, for example, when seeing foreign tourists begging – many locals feel sorry and eventually give money. Actually this is not a mistake, but it is not appropriate.

By allowing things like this, it is not impossible that more and more foreign tourists who come to Indonesia instead rely on begging to earn profits or take a vacation but burden other people.

In Thailand and in Hong Kong, there is also a begpacker phenomenon, Indonesia can take an example from the policy of the Thai Government or Hong Kong to anticipate the existence of a begpacker.

Thailand applies strict rules for tourists visiting the country. At least the immigration authorities ask tourists who will go to Thailand to show the money taken to anticipate begging or other actions.

The Hong Kong government even imposed stricter sanctions. Anyone who is caught begging will be fined or get 1- year imprisonment. Indonesia can learn from these countries to make Begpackers deterred.

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