Berlin Boat Tours Offer Great Way to View Area

Berlin Boat Tour

Exceeding 180 kilometers (about 112 miles) of navigable waterways inside city and most 1, 700 bridges crossing them, it is no wonder people decide to use the water.

Berlin traffic could be terrific. The buses, crowded. How do you find a way to begin to see the sights?

Have a boat

Berlin Boat Tours

A half dozen companies offer boat excursions, ranging in size from hour to any or all day. Berlin Boat tours schedules vary with the month or year. Although tours are offered through the middle or latter a part of April through October and operate daily during peak tourist season, others run using specific events of the week.

Among the shorter trips, a 2 . 5 hour ride down the River Spree and Landwehrkanal passes under more than 40 bridges and goes through locks that go back to the Old. While many with the bridges are no-nonsense spans, others are ornate affairs that keep art students sketching.

The boat stops at several docks along the way that happen to be all-around major sightseeing attractions, so passengers can exit and board a later boat.

Choices, Choices, Everywhere

Just about the most delightful all-day tours goes involving the Greenwich Promenade at Tegel and Potsdam. The trip supplies a passing panorama of waterside life tiny weekend cottages on postage-stamp lots, fishermen sitting or standing on umbrella chairs down the riverbanks, marinas, small hotels and campgrounds. If you choose one of several tours that features the palaces at Sanssouci, you`ll get a history lesson as well.

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If you need to take a shorter version in the trip, catch the Wannsee Potsdam train (usually platform 3 or 4 with the Zoo Bahnhof) for a 10-minute ride to Wannsee. Exit the station and turn right. The boat piers are down stairs right a brief walk ahead. Begin your excursion no less than one hour prior to boat is scheduled to depart, since German trains unlike those who work in Switzerland are very often late. When the trains by the due date, youll be able to walk across the lake or sit down on a waterside bench prior to the boat weighs anchor. Additionally there is a snack kiosk nearby.

Going East

Board boats at Hafen Treptow (S-Bahn Treptower Park) for excursions through waterways in what was the previous East Germany. A lot of the trips cruise on the River Spree to 1, 900-acre (7. 7 square kilometer) Muggelsee; Berlin`s largest, and through other lakes like Langer See, Seddinsee, Dameritzsee, Flakensee and Mollensee. .

Another interesting trip that originates at Hafen Treptow follows the Teltowkanal southeast to its junction while using River Havel and proceeds the Havel to Spandau before time for its point of origin.

Drifting and Dining

Although light meals and snacks can be obtained of all excursion boats, refreshments will be the main event on restaurant boats. However, many of these watercraft stay docked at their moorings while diners gaze on the water as well as passing parade of boats. One of them, that old barge Van Loon is anchored in the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. Two other options the Capt`n Shillow (much farther west on the canal in Charlottenburg) and the Ars Vivendi in Kopeneck. Additionally there is a theatre boat, Mephisto, on Planufer in Kreuzberg.

One of several newest dine-while-you-cruise attractions, The Breakfast Boat Adele, leaves its moorings in front of Radisson SAS Hotel am Dom in Liebknecktstrasse at 8 a. m. weekdays (9 a. m. weekends). With an hour, the boat glides past such sights as Museuminsel, the Reichstag and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, while passengers partake of an European-style breakfast buffet. Hotel guests spend the money for hotel`s usual breakfast price; the trip costs about $34 (26 Euros) for non-guests.

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