November 29, 2022
best beaches in Thailand

best beaches in Thailand | Beautifully adorned with white, clean sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Thailand hosts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches around the globe. They are also popular destinations for those who want an active outdoor experience and thrilling water sports. People looking forward to the luxury of luxurious resorts and spas are satisfied too.

Best beaches in Thailand

Thailand offers holiday packages for all types of travellers. Tourists can visit the quiet beaches between Ko Phangan and Ko Chang and enjoy the glittering nightlife of the lively but packed beachfronts in Phuket and Ko Samui. Go diving and snorkelling in the waters of Ko Tao, or spend an evening with your family at the royals’ most loved resort in Hat Hua Hin.

Hat Kata Yai

Best Beach in Thailand
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Hat Kata Yai, Phuket, may be quiet, but it is near Hat Patong and its vibrant nightlife. An ideal spot for those who are young and adventurous. Hat Kata Yai is also perfect for windsurfing.

Hat Tham Phra Nang

best beaches in Thailand
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Hat Tham Phra Nang, Krabi, is perhaps the most romantic beach to be found in Thailand, with gorgeous Coral reefs, coconut trees, and limestone outcrops that are craggy. Tham Phra Nang and Sa Phra Nang’s famous sights along the beach are also worth a trip.

Ao Kantiang

beaches in Thailand
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Ao Kantiang, Ko Lanta, located near the southwestern end of the island, is flanked by dense, jungle-covered hills. The famous Pimalai Resort and Spa beach are well-known for the stunning coral reefs near the northern part of the beach. Ao Kantiang is a popular place to snorkel and swim.

Hat Sai Kaew

best Thailand beaches
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Hat Sai Kaew, Ko Samet, often referred to as Diamond Beach, is among the most popular beaches on the entire island. Diverse watersports, including jet-skiing, snorkelling, and snorkelling.

Hat Hua Hin

best beaches in Thailand
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Hat Hua Hin, Hua Hin, popularized by Hua Hin was popularized by the Thai royal family during the 20th century. The beach’s most beautiful part can be located opposite the well-known Sofitel Centara Grand Resort and Villas. Visitors can go on horseback rides or a game of golf and enjoy traditional water sports.

Hat Sai Ri

Best thailand beaches
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Hat Sai Ri, Ko Tao has the most extensive stretch of beach on the entire island. This long stretch of clean white sand is perfect for snorkelling and diving and is well-known throughout the season. Several good eateries and shops are selling diving gear along the beach.

Ao Thong Nai Pan

best beaches in thailand
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Ao Thong Nai Pan, Ko Phangan, is for those who dare to walk an 8-mile (13-km) lengthy dirt road to reach the beautiful beaches. The absence of facilities is the reason that the bay remains isolated.