10 Best Budget Hotels in Rock Springs, WY According to Google Rating

Best Budget Hotels in Rock Springs

Best Budget Hotels in Rock Springs | Rock Springs ia a diverse city richly steeped in western history and coal mining. This city was founded by Col. Stephen Van Rensselaer Ableman, a native of Albany, in 1851. The motto on the official New York seal, Excelsior, was the old name for the settlement and its surroundings. Due to the Saw Mill, which was later transformed into a Grist Mill, Excelsior was also known as Ableman Mill.

Land speculator Col. Ableman played a key role in facilitating the railroad’s passage through the region. The first Post Office carried the name Rock Springs on it for a brief period of time, while the railroad gave the original Railroad Depot the name Ableman in honor of the Colonel.

The village’s official name when it was platted was Ableman. The term was used until 1948, at which point Rock Springs was adopted.

Best Budget Hotels in Rock Springs

Here’s a compilation of agoda.com’s guide to the city’s top 10 best budget hotels in Rock Springs;

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