Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Activities in Puerto Vallarta range from simple beach fun to wild adventure. Vallarta’s tropical surroundings offer exciting jungle, river, beach, and ocean activities.

Mexico’s once peaceful seaside village, Puerto Vallarta, has become one of its most popular tourist destination over the years. Puerto Vallarta is one of the top romantic places to visit in Mexico. The sunsets you can witness here will take your breath away, and to share this beautiful moment with your soul mate will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The attractions in Puerto Vallarta will captivate your spirit. Play on beautiful beaches, shop in colorful downtown markets, tour native villages and historic towns, hike majestic mountains, soar through the rainforest, and dive in the beautiful bay and off-shore islands. Whatever you dream, you can discover in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Attractions:

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Vallarta

Banderas Bay

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta

The Banderas Bay of Puerto Vallarta is an important tourist spot in the city. It is the biggest bay in Mexico and is the birthing place for humpback whales every year. The bay has become a popular tourist attraction with resort communities established in the area and lots of activities such as bird watching and scuba diving.

El Pitillal

Best Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta

El Pitillal is a traditional Mexican neighborhood where tourists can see and experience how locals live. One of the best places to visit in the area is the beautiful old church of San Miguel Archangel – where the 26 foot wooden statue of Jesus, carved from a single piece of wood can be seen – and the main plaza right across it. There are also unusual souvenir shops around the area.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

vallarta botanical garden

Further out from the centre of Vallarta, snaking down the coastal road towards the south of the state, you’ll find the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Often underrated and ignored by holidaymakers in this pretty town, these gardens are spectacular. Marvel at the orchid house, which plays host to over one hundred species of orchid, follow the jungle-like trails that run through the gardens (stopping to read the names of the trees you pass by), make your way down to the river, and after all that, stop by the onsite restaurant for a snack or a drink. Before you leave, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the numerous koi fish in the ponds.

Las Animas Beach

Beautiful place to visit in Puerto Vallarta

Las Animas Beach is a picturesque and one of the most beautiful places in the South Shore of PV. It has an exuberant vegetation with pristine waters, and fine sand free-of pebbles. Tourists and locals alike spend the day at the beach by sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling.

Aquaventuras Water Park

Aquaventuras Water Park

Aquaventuras Water Park in Puerto Vallarta is a water theme park with pools, slides, and river adventures. Set on 15 acres, Puerto Vallarta’s Aquaventuras Water Park offers family fun from high-speed water toboggans to relaxing river rides. Swim with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta and check out the live animal shows featuring sea lions. Fun for all ages, the park offers a children’s area for kids to enjoy.

Vallarta Marina

Vallarta Marina

Wind down after a day of adventure by visiting the docks at the marina in Puerto Vallarta. Littered with a slew of great dining options and bars, it’s the perfect place to gaze out on the night sky and the twinkly lights of the boats that are docked there. It’s also great for a romantic stroll, wandering up and down the dock and soaking up the atmosphere. More relaxed in the evening, but also busier, the marina should be visited during the day for those who would prefer to bike or roller blade. Sunscreen is also recommended, as there is very little shade if you go at midday.

Quimixto Waterfall

Quimixto Waterfall

Quimixto is a tiny beach village in Puerto Vallarta with amazing food and great outdoor adventure. Among its most popular attraction here is the 30-meters high waterfall with a lagoon. Horse riding is one of the best way to reach the falls.

Las Marietas Islands

Las Marietas Islands became famous in the 1970s as a result of undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau. Today, the Marietas Islands Marine Reserve is a bird sanctuary protected by the Mexican government. A top spot for scuba divers, Las Marietas Islands offer adventurous diving in reefs, caves and deep drop-offs. Las Marietas Islands is a great spot for snorkeling and windsurfing. The islands can be reached from boats off Puerto Vallarta’s northern beaches.

Las Caletas

Las Caletas

An isolated and unspoiled beach hideaway, Las Caletas is an exclusive and private beach on a secluded nature preserve. It is only accessible by sea and offers an amazing and heavenly picturesque view.

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