Best travel insurance to Thailand

Best travel insurance to Thailand

Analysis on what private insurance to take out in Thailand, policies adapted to your trip with high medical coverage including Covid-19, adventure activities, cancellation expenses, repatriation, rescue and at the best price!
Preparing your next adventure in one of the coolest destinations in Southeast Asia?

They say that Thailand is a very safe country and perfect to travel on your own, but is it really necessary to travel with medical insurance? The answer is a resounding yes. In Thailand the European Health Insurance Card is not valid and any kind of medical incident, no matter how small, requires the use of a private policy. In addition, the cost of insurance for Thailand is so low within the overall budget that it is not worth taking a gamble for so little.

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Why do you need medical insurance to travel to Thailand?

To begin with, you should know that it is NOT COMPULSORY to enter Thailand with private insurance.  Thai private hospitals are of good quality but expensive and only attend after payment guarantee, so ‘it is recommended to travel in Thailand with a medical insurance whose coverage is as broad as possible’.

What about our Social Security card or European Health Insurance Card, are they not valid for Thailand? No. Both are not valid on Thai soil and there is no bilateral health agreement between countries.

On the other hand, beyond the usual medical incidents that can happen to us when traveling, such as transport accidents or the dreaded traveler’s diarrhea, you should know that in Thailand there are areas with risk of contracting dengue and Zika by mosquito bites. In fact, in addition to medical insurance, it is also essential to carry a good repellent and fine long-sleeved clothing.

In addition, if you are going to practice adventure sports such as hiking, snorkeling or diving, you should take out a policy that specifically covers these activities. It is also highly recommended that it offers search and rescue coverage.

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