Blue Bay in Banyuwangi, A Hidden Paradise for Snorkeler

Blue Bay in Banyuwangi

Blue Bay in Banyuwangi is a marine tourism park that has the beauty of water and a breathtaking panorama of the ocean floor. The atmosphere in this bay is still very natural, both seawater and its location. The color of the seawater is very clear, and the name of the Blue Bay itself is inspired by the clarity of the water that appears bluish blue.


Many travelers who do not know yet the existence of hidden paradise in Banyuwangi. This tour is very suitable for those who like the hobby of diving because by diving to the seabed, the snorkeler can see its beautiful marine ecosystem very clearly. The calm waves and beautiful coral reefs make tourists who visit this place feel at home and want to linger long.

If you are to Banyuwangi do not forget to visit Blue Bay Banyuwangi because this tourist place is a hidden paradise in the Banyuwangi area that is interested in local and international tourists.

Once held the event Banyuwangi Underwater Festival in 2016, the bay with the original name “Selanggrong” began to be the lips of Banyuwangi society and other tourists.

Well, this time we will review how the hidden paradise in the Blue Bay of Banyuwangi has hypnotized the tourists.


Blue Bay Banyuwangi Tourism

A hidden paradise in the Blue Bay of Banyuwangi completely removes tired and tired from daily activities. You can enjoy the beauty of marine life with beautiful coral reefs. This place also made a recommended snorkeling alternative when on vacation to Banyuwangi.

The blue sea with calm waves in the blue Bay of Banyuwangi makes this place become one of the favorite snorkeling spots for tourists. In addition to snorkeling, tourists can enjoy activities such as diving, swimming, sailing by canoe boat and water Ski.

Sunrise in the Blue Bay is also not less beautiful with other bays, even Banyuwangi Blue Bay is used as a few public activities such as coral reef transplantation, planting Mangrove trees, adding “Fish Apartment” and various activities Other. This activity is done routinely by the rumble community with the aim to preserve the environment and save the nature of the Blue Bay of Banyuwangi.


Location of Blue Bay Banyuwangi

Blue Bay is located in the area of Banyuwangi East Java, precisely in Alas Purwo National Park, subdistrict Muncar Banyuwangi. The location of Blue Bay in Banyuwangi is quite hidden and can only be reached by sea route. The location that is far from the beach makes the Blue Bay very well preserved and its origins.

This tourist spot is separated by a small promontory with the Perpat beach area. If you are visiting the Blue Bay, it is good to ask the people around by the name ‘ Senggrong ‘ because the bay is better known by that name.

Access to Blue Bay Banyuwangi

Blue Bay in Banyuwangi is located behind the Sembulungan Peninsula and away from the reach of the surrounding population, therefore the Blue Bay access Banyuwangi is quite difficult and can not use the landline.

Tourists who want to visit the Blue Bay of Banyuwangi must use the waterway by fishing boat from the port Muncar.  You can also use the tour service that provides the complete equipment for snorkeling in the Blue Bay of Banyuwangi.

Blue Bay route in Banyuwangi

Blue Bay route can be accessed by private vehicle or public transportation through Surabaya City with the route of Surabaya – Sidoarjo – Pasuruan – Probolinggo – Lumajang – Jember – Banyuwangi.

The location of the final stop is Port Muncar and you have to proceed through the waterway by renting a boat. To be able to enjoy this Banyuwangi blue Bay you need to book in advance due to the limitation of accommodation to get to the location.

For you who are from outside the city, you can use air transport to Banyuwangi and to Surabaya such as Lion Air, Batik Air, Citilink, AirAsia, and others.  You can make use of promo and cheap flights from your reliable travel agents to Surabaya and Banyuwangi airports.

Fees to Blue Bay

The cost to the Blue Bay varies depending on the activity you choose. The cost to reach the Blue Bay by boat is pegged for IDR 300 K to IDR 500K Prices are subject to change depending on the number of requests. If you want to visit Blue Bay in Banyuwangi It is good in the morning or during the day.

Well, a hidden paradise in the Banyuwangi Blue Bay really enchanting. You can enjoy the beauty of maritime tourism with beautiful panorama. Let’s plan your holiday with your friends and family to see the beauty of Banyuwangi. Happy Travelling!

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