Boat Tour from Cologne to Koenigswinter

Boat Tour from Cologne to Koenigswinter

If you’re visiting Cologne, Germany, it might also be a great idea to allocate 1 day for a boat tour from there all the way to Koenigswinter. The ticket office is located in front of the boats’ port near Cologne’s old town. This tour is daily and takes 4 hours forth and due to downstream current, 3 hours back. Just sit back and relax while enjoying smaller town views south of Cologne. The boat docks in four ports before reaching Koenigswinter but you don’t have to do something, just stay on your seat so new passengers won’t get yours.

Boat Tour from Cologne to Koenigswinter
Rhine Promenade Königswinter Germany Rhine

Koenigswinter is a town part of Nordrhein-Westfalen region located on the foot of the Siebengebirge, a mountain and hill range. It’s famous for its small town

charm, having a lovely promenade consisting of hotels, restaurants, cafes, old houses directly facing the river. Also experience its shopping – you can buy some souvenirs from the place. Go walk to its narrow old town streets, you can find some old wine houses and stores that might be of interest. But Koenigswinter is mostly famous for the Drachenfels Burg (dragon’s rock castle) which is located on the tip of the Drachenfels, accessible by the Drachenfels Railway. Legend says that a dragon on this rock was slain by Siegfried, a German epic hero.

On the way down from the Drachenfels, you can visit the Drachenburg (castle). This castle was built in 1882 by Baron Stephan von Starter, a successful stock trader but he actually never lived here. From the castle, prefer to walk on your way down, stop by the Winzerhaeuschen and get yourself some refreshing drinks. From there, continue walking down to the Honighaeuschen, the honey houses, don’t just get too near to it. If you still have time, visit the Nibelungenhalle, a reptile zoo, just right next to the honey houses.

For families with children who want to visit the place, there’s a SeaLife in Koenigswinter. It’s a sea aquarium where you can experience the creatures up close. It’s located directly in front of the river port. Aside from that, there’s also an open-air swimming pool and fun area called Lemmerzbad located in a nature park below the castle.

Don’t forget to be at the port on time so not to miss your boat back to Cologne. Have a nice trip!

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