Boat Travel in Brazil

Boat Travel in Brazil

Boats are an important mode of transportation in many areas of Brazil. Although the network is extensive and services are frequent, the availability of facilities will depend on which type of boat you choose to travel in.

Rivers in the Amazon are still the main highways. Old-fashioned wooden riverboats are an important part of the transportation system. Belem and Manaus are the most popular routes. It takes approximately four days to travel downstream and five days to go upstream. Several modern, larger boats can be used on this route. They have air-conditioned cabins and enclosed, air-conditioned hammock spaces.

AJATO offers a speedboat service on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which runs right up to Tefe. It has airplane-style seating.

The boats on other routes are older and more traditional. They have small wooden cabins and two open decks. One is where passengers can hang their hammocks. The other one is lower. Water and meals are included.

The Amazon basin is home to many old-style boats that travel along dozens of routes. Most routes are between Manaus and Porto Velho and Manaus, Tabatinga, and Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira. These are close to the borders of Peru, Columbia, and Manaus. Santarem is halfway to Belem.

A high-speed catamaran makes it possible to travel the Manaus-Santarem route in one day. For those who prefer tours to transportation, comfortable boats are available for charter in Manaus, such as Viverde, that allow passengers to explore the Amazon River. Amazonastur is a state tourism agency. For more information about purchasing tickets in advance, please get in touch with them.

A large fleet of boats can be found at the Rio Paraguay, located on the west edge of the Pantanal. Most of them are equipped for multi-day sportfishing cruises. These boats depart from Corumba, Mato Grosso do Sul, or Caceres, Mato Grosso.

The Northeast coast lacks roads linking the Maranhao to Piaui coasts, so boat travel in Brazil is the only option. Traveling from Parnaiba, Piaui via the islands and inlets in the Delta do Parnaiba towards Tutorial is possible. This gateway to the Lencois maranhenses is the most scenic.

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