Borobudur Temple, masterpiece heritage for the world

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is located in the area of Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. Borobudur Temple was built during the Syailendra period and was completed in 825 AD during the reign of King Samaratungga. The Temple was constructed long before the new Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, which was built in the mid-12th century by King Suryavarman II.

Temple is 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta and about a 1-hour drive from Yogyakarta City.

Based on its name, Bara means the monastery complex, and Budur means above; the Borobudur Temple was built on a magnificent hill. The Borobudur Temple building is divided into ten levels in the form of “pundit berundak,” which symbolizes the stages and processes of human life.


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Borobudur Temple has six square terraces on which there are three circular platforms on the walls decorated with 2,672 relief panels, and the original there are 504 Buddha statues. The largest main stupa is located in the middle while crowning this building, surrounded by three circular rows of 72 perforated stupas in which there is a Buddha statue sitting cross-legged in a perfect lotus position with the Dharmachakra mudra (hand gesture) mudra.

At each level, beautiful reliefs are engraved, which implicitly illustrates the teachings of Buddhism, which at that time became a religion of public trust. Historically, Borobudur Temple was built as a place of worship for Buddhists during the Syailendra Dynasty.

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Apart from being the highest symbol in Buddhism, the stupa of the Borobudur temple is a replica of the universe. It symbolizes three levels of the microcosmos. The first level is the human world, where negative impulses influence desire. The second level is a world where humans can control their negative impulses and use their positive ones. And at the highest level, where physical things and desires no longer limit the human world. We will be amazed by the splendor of the Temple, which has reliefs of 6 kilometers while visiting Borobudur Temple.

Buddha statues in the stupas that adorn the top floor of Borobudur Temple are very comfortable places to calm and refresh. Also, take a break from the first floor after a trip around the Borobudur Temple because the stupas and the surrounding natural scenery from this level are also very beautiful.

Historically, the construction period of the Temple took 92 years (much longer than the Angkor Wat Temple, which took about 30 years). At that time, a place of worship shaped like a lotus flower looked like a lotus flower in the middle of the lake if we looked from a height. Unfortunately, huge past earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that had buried this Temple made the lake around this magnificent Temple disappear.

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