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Brazil’s Flora and Fauna | Over 55,000 species of plants as well as three of the largest ecosystems on earth. The diversity of fauna and flora found in Brazil is unrivalled. The most valuable resources in our time like rubber come from the rainforests of the Amazon.

Due to the relatively stable nature of the rainforest in comparison to areas with temperate climates the wildlife here has allowed for the possibility of evolution and adapt to particular local conditions. With a handful of tributaries of Amazon river that are not explored. There are a variety of species to discover. Brazil has five major ecosystems, each with their own unique range of plant life.

Brazil’s Flora & Fauna

From the swamp and forest to deserts and savannas, these stark contrasts in landscape and climate have produced an incredibly colorful and varied flora, most of which is unique to the country.


The Amazon rainforest is home to a variety of wildlife and flora. It is characterised by huge expanses that are densely forest extensive size savannas and other eco-systems. The vegetation and wildlife are diverse because of the flooding that occurs annually over vast areas.

The Sertao

The sertao that is arid, and covers 75 percent of the land area of the northeast, is home to its own distinct wildlife that includes snakes, lizards, and the fox. Birdlife flourishes in this spartan, hostile landscape, and sheep as well as goats are also bred.

The Cerrado

The cerrado is an enormous open savanna that is dotted with clusters of felled woodlands. It is the world’s most biodiversity-rich grassland. There are more than 4,000 indigenous species of plants. In addition, the cerrado is also the home of maned wolves and giant anteaters.

The Mata Atlantica

The Mata Atlantica, or Atlantic rainforest, is created by remnants of Brazil’s coast rainforest. The expansion of cities as well as intensive agriculture has drastically reduced the habitat However, it’s still the home of monkeys as well as exotic birds.

The Pantanal

The largest wetland in the inland part of the planet is constantly ablaze with wildlife and birds. Many bird species can be seen calling over the water while caimans lounge in the river’s banks. The ideal season to go is during the dry season.

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