Brazil Tourist Spots – Igreja de São Francisco da Penitência

Igreja de São Francisco da Penitência

Brazil Tourist Spots | Restored to its former glory, the cathedral, located in Sao Francisco da Penitencia, is thought to be one of the most valuable and stunning artifacts of Baroque art in Brazil. It was built between 1657 and 1772. The church houses a number of works by the Portuguese painter Francisco Xavier de Brito.

His work was heavily influenced by his fellow Brazilian artist Aleijadinho, and his artwork is featured in several of the baroque churches in Minas Gerais. One of the highlights of the church is the 1738 painting by Caetano da Costa Coelho of the glory of St. Francis. This was the very first Brazilian painting done in perspective.

The adjacent Convento de Santo Antonio, which dates back to 1615, is among Rio’s most ancient structures. It’s Baroque interiors are filled with exquisite colonial art as well as Azulejos (Portuguese tiles)

Address: Largo de Carioca 5, Centro, Rio De Janeiro

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