Brazil Travel Itinerary – 7 Days on the Costa Verde (Green Coast)

Aerial view of famous Copacabana Beach and Ipanema beach

Brazil Travel Itinerary |Explore the stunning coastline and discover charming towns, stunning beaches, and beautiful islands.


Arrive and depart from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro’s international (Guarulhos/Tom Jobim) or domestic (Congonhas/ Santos Dumont) airports


This itinerary is best accomplished with a rental car. You can also complete the majority of the journey by taking the bus services that connect the towns.


Book ahead It is recommended that you have your accommodations booked ahead especially during weekends. If you’re sure of your time you may also book the ferry services towards Ilhabela or Ilha Grande.


You could start the itinerary with Rio de Janeiro and work until you return to Sao Paulo.

Explore The Costa Verde

Day 1: Sao Paulo

Select a day of the city schedule on pages 12-13.

Day 2: Sao Paulo to Ilhabela

Plan to leave at mid-morning when the most of the city’s bustle hour has passed. Take the number 050 (SP-150) and it takes you to the south towards the coast by Sao Bernardo do Campo.

When you leave in the direction of the capital city, scene transforms into a series of lakes, surrounded by hills. The route will meander through the lakes before dropping down into Guaruja (p169) This descent to the ocean is stunning.

Guaruja provides excellent choices for lunch along the beachfront. Continue to the east on the coast road towards Sao Sebastiao. You will come across many stunning beaches, like Camburi, Camburizinho, and Maresias.

To get to Sao Sebastiao, take the 15-minute ferry ride to Ilhabela in the state of

Island and yachting center that offers beachfronts, mountain views and waterfalls. Explore the nightlife and landscape and then spend the night in one of the many pousadas. The island is particularly vibrant on weekends.

Day 3: Ilhabela to Paraty

Spend the morning exploring Ilhabela and Paraty, before returning to the mainland. Then, follow the coast to the east until Ubatuba A small beach resort that has the colonial-era center. This stretch of coast is home to more than 60 miles (100 kilometers) of sandy beaches to explore with the backdrop of Atlantic rainforest. Praia Grande, close to Ubatuba is a sought-after spot for lunch.

Continue on to the historical colonial town of Paraty The majority of the town was built in the 18th century. Along the way, you’ll pass through the state border that separates Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro soon after, and you will be able to no more be part of the coastline. The historic and picturesque Paraty center is

in which the majority of the beautiful bars, pousadas where the majority of the charming restaurants, bars and pousadas are.

Day 4: Paraty

Take a stroll through Paraty’s cobbled street, which is pedestrian-friendly and stop by the gorgeously restored colonial buildings and churches, museums, and art galleries. You can also go on a relaxing cruise through the numerous islands that are close by.

Days 5 and 6: Ilha Grande

It is very feasible to drive directly between Paraty towards Rio de Janeiro. If you’re in the mood, however, if you’ve got enough time, make a make a stop in Angra dos Reis, leave the vehicle, and then transfer into Ilha Grande, one of the biggest out of the three 365 island which can be located within the Bay.

Spend at minimum 2 nights in this gorgeous island and explore the island by foot or on a boat. You’ll need cash as there aren’t any banks or ATMs on the island, and there are no automobiles. The majority of the major pousadas are located just a few minutes from the dock of the ferry in Vila Do Abraao. There are over 100 miles (160 kilometers) of trails covering the entire island. So go for a hike and see ruin sites of waterfalls, mountains and beaches, such as Lopes Mendes, one of the island’s most beautiful beaches –

Brazil’s most stunning. (You have to hire an excursion boat.)

Day 7: Rio de Janeiro

At the terminal for ferry services situated in Angra dos Reis, take the coastal road and follow the directions to Rio de Janeiro via Barra da Tijuca. It is among the most luxurious suburbs in Rio.

If you’re able to spare, you should visit several attractions when you go through Barra and include Sitio Roberto Burle Marx and Casa do Pontal.

Alternately, visit Barra Shopping Center for some shopping.

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