November 29, 2022
Travel to Salvador

Brazil Travel Itinerary | Salvador, Brazil’s first capital, was also the hub of the slave trade. This makes Salvador the most “African” city in Brazil. Everything from religion and cuisine to the arts and sciences, you can find influences from Africa.


The Deputado Luz E. Magalhaes International Airport located 17 miles (28km) north of the city. Taxi and bus connections are available.

Moving on

Take a flight to Brazil from the airport to explore Brazil.

Day 1 Salvador Trip

Morning activities

Salvador’s crown jewel is Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with restored historical centers, colonial homes, Baroque churches, and museums. The church and convent in Sao Francisco are worth a visit. You can spend the whole morning exploring Pelourinho and its many picturesque and beautiful places to have lunch.


To visit the Mercado Modo, which contains a variety of northeast arts and crafts, take the Elevador Lacerda (built-in 1873). Capoeira is a popular sport in the market. Bahia is known for its delicious cuisine. Find a restaurant to enjoy local delicacies and dishes.

Day 2

Brazil Travel Itinerary

Morning activities

Begin your day in Nazare at Arena Fonte Nova. This is one of the most beloved stadiums of the 2014 World Cup. Tours begin at 9 a.m. and last 1 hour and 15 min. Nearby are the Museu de Arte Sacra and the Museu de Arte Moderna. The Solar do Unhao is a colonial sugar mill from the 17th century. You can enjoy lunch at the complex’s charming restaurant with stunning views.


Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Salvador that stretch west along the Atlantic coast. The most well-known is Praia de Farolda Barra. It features a lighthouse and the Forte de Santo Antonio. This landmark is a city landmark. Nearby, Porto da Barra, a beach where you can watch the sunset, is very popular. If you’re interested in sailing or surfing, Praia de Amaralina is a good choice.