Bukit Jempol, The Unique Hill in South Sumatra

Bukit jempol

Indonesia is a country that is rich in potential and natural resources. Not only that, Indonesia also has a wealth of ethnicity, tradition, art and culture as a distinctive feature of Indonesia.

Bukit Jempol

Wealth in the field of tourism we often encounter with various unique terms. These travel terms are in accordance with their nature. The name of the tourist spot is usually related to the history of origin. In Indonesia, there is a unique tourist place called Bukit Jempol. Why is the hill named Bukit Jempol? The answer is because the shape of the hill resembles the human thumb. For further information, here are the reviews.

The Unique Hill in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of thousands of islands. The western part of South Sumatra is known as an area that has wavy contours so that many exotic natural tourist objects are found, either in the form of hills or waterfalls with various unique characters in this region. In Lahat, for example, a regency name that is about 270 km from the capital city of Palembang has a unique hill, which is known by the community as Bukit Jempol.

Bukit Jempol was originally called Bukit Serelo. The location is in the village of Perangai, which is about 27 km from the center of Lahat City. Bukit Jempol has a high as about 900 meters above sea level. This hill is also known as the Bukit Tunjuk, because from another point of view the hill is shaped like a finger pointing upwards.

To get to Bukit Jempol, you can use land vehicles, there is one way to be able to get the best view of Bukit Jempol up close, that is by entering the mining area on the border of Lahat and Muara Enim. From this mining area, the view of Bukit Jempol can be seen perfectly.

However, to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the top of the hill is not an easy matter, this is because in addition to the climbing distance which is quite far, slippery and steep where the climbing angle can reach up to 75 degrees. In addition, Bukit Serelo is a rocky hill that is covered by bushes like weeds.

Around the hillside there are clear water sources. In addition there is also a beautiful view in the form of a collection of fine graffiti rocks located at the bottom of the cliff not far from the Kedaton intersection which is an important intersection on this hill. Extra caution is needed if you want to camp on this hill, because the wind that blows in this hill is strong enough to be able to fly a tent, not to mention accompanied by quite cold air.

In this area there is also the Elf Elephant School located at the foot of Serelo Hill. This school is where elephants are trained to be tame so that they can be used to facilitate jobs, especially those that require considerable energy, such as transporting objects that are difficult for humans to lift alone.

In addition, this place is also an elephant breeding place in Indonesia. There are 40 elephants that have been tamed in captivity, but only a few elephants have been trained enough to be used by visitors.

When the holiday season arrives, nature lovers from various regions in South Sumatra often make Bukit Jempol as target for climbing. Although not too high, Bukit Jempol is considered to have challenging contours and terrain. To get to the top, the climbers are required to climb very steep cliffs.

In addition, Bukit Jempol is also considered to be a fun camping spot. Nature lovers from Palembang revealed, Bukit Jempol has beautiful natural scenery, besides also having unique vegetation, namely puspa plants, as well as tea and coffee gardens belonging to residents in the first part of the climb.

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