Canada Place, A national landmark in the heart of Vancouver’s waterfront

Canada Place

Canada Place is probably one of Vancouver’s most important and easily recognizable spots. It has been often compared to the Sydney Opera house and even though there is no denying the similarities between both, Canada place is a far more modest structure.

Originally the site of an old cargo pier, the Canada place was rebuilt for the 1986 Expo that was held in Vancouver. Vancouver officials realized the beauty and tourist potential of the site and turned the pier into an attractive and unique structure. Today, this building that resembles the sails of a boat is home to several Vancouver businesses and attractions.

canada place
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Visiting Canada Place is the most inexpensive fun thing you could do in Vancouver. It doesn’t cost you any money to explore this place and all you have to do is shell out money for the parking, or maybe the fare for the Skytrain or Seabus. Once you reach Canada Place, visit the Welcome Centre in the Main Plaza. Canada Place Ambassadors are ready with answers to all your questions and they will provide you all the information you need about this facility.

Then, travel along the walkway at the “Promenade into History” and go on a self-guided tour that will take you into Vancouver’s past, told with the help of photos and anecdotes. On the West Promenade you will find an eclectic collection of musicians from Canada who make the most mesmerizing music that seems to bring to life the beauty of the water front. All the visitors also enjoy a visit to the IMAX Theatre at the Canada Place which shows a wide variety of 2D and 3D films. If you are planning a trip to Vancouver between May and October, there will be another treat waiting for you at Canada Place. Several cruise ships dock at Canada Place dock at this time of the year on their way to Alaska. They do make a magnificent sight!

The walkway christened the “Canada Place Pier” is perhaps one of the most beautiful areas at Canada Place. It’s a great place for a stroll and you can take in the sights of the harbor front, the mountains in the backdrop, and the trees that dot the horizon. Its panorama is indeed breathtaking! From the Canada Place Pier to the North End Pointe, you will find many stunning view points that you’d love to capture on camera.

If you have the time, don’t miss the Sails of Light – a visual event that illuminates Canada Place and narrates the story of Canada. The iconic sails of Canada Place burst into extravagant colors and animations and displays keep the visitors enthralled. Starting from spring 2010, the Canadian Sails of Light will be featured every night. Some of the prime locations to view the Sails of Light are the Coal Harbor Seawall, Stanley Park, the North Shore and waterways, and the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

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