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    Australia – A mesmerizing land for travellers

    Nobody deny that Australia is famous for spectacular landscapes and various cultures. Seeing the country from a far distance, tourists have a wonderful feeling. Australia is bestowed beautiful beaches and golden coastline where visitors can surf, swim, and kayak. Besides, you can catch a brief glimpse at breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise on the beaches. Australia offers a variety of plants and wild animals including many national parks. In these destinations, you can feel close to natural environments and unique wildlife. Visitors can climb high mountains or dive under the water to see coral reefs. In addition, sport is an attraction of this country. Tourists can take part in…

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    Destinations You Must Visit When Travelling To Australia

    Do you know why Australia is always in the TOP destination of the world? It is not easy when Australia is the destination of more than 11,000 millionaires worldwide. Is it the only country in the world occupies (almost) a whole continent. Australia is certainly more interesting, if you are intending to visit this country, please refer to destinations below. New South Wales and Sydney – Port city and surrounding areas New South Wales is Australia’s most popular destination, the city is famous for its iconic image of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Departing from the city, you can go out to the surrounding suburbs to explore the…

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    Discover Canberra and Brisbane – The modern appearance and peaceful life

    When mentioning Australia, most people think about Sydney or Melbourne. Few people know Brisbane – the capital of Queensland State, the third populous in Australia, about 900 km from Sydney to the North. Brisbane is regarded as a peaceful and friendly city in the world. Brisbane – the modern appearance and peaceful life The various combinations of modern structures and ancient ones or between busy and harmonious one turn Brisbane into an ideal place to live and work. Brisbane has wonderful weather and lower living standard than Sydney and Melbourne. One more thing you can fell comfortable in Brisbane is the convenient transportation system. Famous landscapes in Brisbane Coming to…

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    Discover Food Paradise While Travelling To Australia

    Australian food is famous for the harmony and crystallization of many different cultures but always has its own identity. In addition to the weather, friendly people and exotic beaches, Australia has a subtle and featured culinary culture that has been preserved for centuries by indigenous peoples in conjunction with food cultures of the influx of migrants from around the world. As a result, today’s Australian cuisine is full of delicious food; a combination of Japanese, Thailand, British and Mediterranean food influences on creating a diverse range of colors, flavors dishes and inspirations for creativity in any kitchen. Here are some of the most popular Australian dishes that you can not…

  • Rottnest Island

    Rottnest Island in Western Australia – Wonderful Beauty of Nature

    If you are planning a self-sufficient tour of Australia, plan your day off to the beautiful Rottnest Island, where there is a long coastline, blue waters, and a wild world where preserves all kinds of wild animals. Nowadays, when modern life changes the face of Australian cities, Rottnest Island is always a great place that gives visitors the feeling of a peaceful and romantic world , separate from the noisy urban life. Rottnest has a fresh air, peaceful pace of life, attracts tourists to visit and rest every year. With 11 km length and 4.5 km width, the Rottnest Island carries a wild, mysterious beauty that is enveloped by sea,…

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    Traveling to Perth – The Most Peaceful Land in Australia

    It is not necessary to go to the west of Australia on summer days, visitors can still experience sea games and enjoy the peaceful scenes on freezing days with degree of 10°C. From Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park Talking about Australia, many people often think of familiar landmarks such as Sydney or Melbourne, and Perth itself seems to be somewhat strange. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’ll find the land of Western Australia worth visitting. Traveling to Perth is also a great way to unwind as well as to discover. That’s the opinion of many people who know about Australia. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, with a population…

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    Climate in Australia and The Best Time to Visit Australia

    Australia has endless beaches, big parks and breathtaking scenery that create unique Australia country. If you are planning to travel to Australia, know in advance about the climate and seasons of this country to choose the right time for your journey. Climate in Australia Australia is the only country in the world that occupies a large continent, so the weather in this country is very different, each region has its own weather patterns and the temperature is also separate. The coastal area is extremely cool, temperate, ecologically diverse, and is the most densely populated region on the continent and is extremely popular with tourists. The temperature can be up to…

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    Sydney, Insights into the colorful city and the ideal tourist attraction

    Located in Australia, Sydney is regarded as not only one of the most wonderful but also populous capital in the world. Coming to Sydney, tourists can enjoy themselves in an artistic space, a hustle and bustle life of Sydney residents, and and original experiences, simultaneously, broaden their mind into a completely new world. People can visit beautiful zoos of various species of wild animals as well as poetic parks there. Let’s turn every valuable moment in Sydney into unforgettable experience in our life by dropping in the following gorgeous destinations. Sydney Opera House – An original architecture in the world Known as the unique symbol of Australia and officially recognized…

  • The unique symbols of Australia

    The unique symbols of Australia and Melbourne, A picturesque city in the world

    Australia is known as not only a country of rich natural resources but also the top education in the world. Additionally, it is appreciated as the homeland of special animals and colorful flowers. The geographical difference among states leads to the different symbols of flowers and animals in Australia. Each flower or animal represents typical aspects of culture, customs and history of each area. The national flowers in Australia The Wattle flower is officially used in Australian national emblem. It symbolizes the patience and the persistence of Australian people. Furthermore, each state or territory has a separate flower as its symbol. They are Waratah in New South Wales, Pink health…