• Sauerbraten beef

    Eating Out While Traveling To Germany

    Germany is an oft visited place and there are thousands of tourists coming here from every part of the world. Apart from having amazing technological advancements and also having some of the most beautiful museums in the world, this is a nation that also lives to eat! This is a place for the true food lovers and in case you are one of those food aficionados who consider food and drinks to be the most important part of a travel plan then all we can say is you have landed in the right place. Germany provides a tourist with amazing gamut of food and drinks and is a European nation…

  • germany travel tips

    A Journey Through Time | Germany Travel Tips

    It is almost impossible to paint the diversity of Germany with so many various and vivid colors in just one canvas. Located centrally in the continent of Europe and fortified Denmark and the North Sea on the North, east by Poland and Czech Republic, to the south by Australia and Switzerland, and to the west by France, Luxemburg and Belgium, German art music and architecture had a profound influence on world civilization. People interested in arts, music, history or simple scenic beauty form the 12 thousand strong crowd visiting Germany every year. The summer months May and September witnesses an influx of maximum tourists, however, skiers prefer the winter months…

  • Important Cities Of Germany

    Important Cities Of Germany | Travel Tips

    The fair land of Germany is in no way devoid of any sort of travel attractions. The cities of this nation more than make up for the tourist looking to check out newer places as well as newer attractions. The nation of Germany comprises of a wide array fantastic cities and all of them are different from each other. Let us now shed some light on a few of the important cities of Germany. Berlin the capital of Germany is a hotbed of activities and boredom is a word that is quite unknown here. This is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city of Germany and is a place that has a…

  • Berlin Boat Tour

    Berlin Boat Tours Offer Great Way to View Area

    Exceeding 180 kilometers (about 112 miles) of navigable waterways inside city and most 1, 700 bridges crossing them, it is no wonder people decide to use the water. Berlin traffic could be terrific. The buses, crowded. How do you find a way to begin to see the sights? Have a boat A half dozen companies offer boat excursions, ranging in size from hour to any or all day. Berlin Boat tours schedules vary with the month or year. Although tours are offered through the middle or latter a part of April through October and operate daily during peak tourist season, others run using specific events of the week. Among the…