• Japanese art

    Art in Japan Overview | Japanese art | Travel Japan

    Art in Japan is really ancient, dating back to its rise in some 6th century and having about 12 main periods. There is no similar art in the world comparing to Japanese art. It may be that unique due to its remote location and only some Asian countries’ art may be supposed to have something in common with that of Japan. Though it was greatly influenced by Buddhism and China art. There was an Emperor in Japan that believed that China was the country to give origins to the new and remarkable. And Japan is the land to take over all the bright and transform it, but the approach took…

  • Architecture of Japan

    Architecture of Japan | The Most Interesting Information.

    Travel Japan to touch its vivid and bright culture and art! It’s easy to outline some currents and aspects of architecture of Japan, but it’s almost impossible to describe it properly in several hundreds of words. To tell the truth each epoch of history of Japan left its architecture track, and there were several periods, but the most prominent are (some examples are added): Asuka and Nara includes wooden Buddhist temples and worship altars (Horyu-ji, Todaiji, etc.); Heian, the main feature of the style is that the temples were built in the mountains to make them protected from warriors and wars, some differences are tiled roofs, wooden floors, (Byodoin Phoenix…

  • car rental in Japan

    Car Rental In Japan | Car Hire Information

    Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations. The country which respects ancient traditions and use modern technologies; the past and the future are tailored there. This is the country with unique lifestyle and beautiful nature; you can stay in Japan luxury hotels and cozy traditional houses. There are many places to visit in Japan. However, the major air gates of the country are situated not far away from Tokyo. It is easy to find convenient and affordable flight to Japan, as many airline companies operate in Japan, so you can choose the best deal. Public transportation is well developed in Japanese cities. However, if you want to explore…

  • Best Places in Japan

    Best Places in Japan, Worth To Visit

    Travel Japan? The perfect destination to reach one of the most marvellous shrine countries in the world. Here you can find everything at your pleasure, the standard, the hi-tech, the exotic and the breathtaking. Be ready to be stunned by the gems of the land of the rising sun, though lots of magazines may be looked through, but Japan is difficult to overestimate, as it always has something special in store for its guests, in case you may get bored of skyscrapers and a modern standard of living. And in support of the fact it will grant the best places in Japan imaginable to you. The spots  are rather variable and…

  • Eating and drinking in Japan

    Eating and Drinking in Japan: Bon Appetite!

    Eating and Drinking in Japan is as unique as Japanese history, art and architecture. The cuisine of the Archipelago of Japan has spread over the continents during some recent decades and has become very popular with Europeans, Americans, Canadians, etc. Actually it doesn’t matter what country you may live in, be sure there is at least one restaurant of Japanese food or sushi bar there. Nevertheless the food prepared in Japan and served by the Japanese can’t be compared to that we eat being abroad. Because everything is different, including atmosphere, music, people, traditions, tea ceremonies and even dining etiquette. When you travel Japan make sure to taste remarkable dishes…

  • travel japan

    Sightseeings and Attractions in Japan Kaleidoscope | Travel Japan

    Japan is a culture store of sightseeings and attractions. It is the home to hundreds of castles and palaces, wonderful natural parks and amazing rivers and lakes, picturesque scenes and landscapes. So to cut a long story short and it’s really long and impressive, let’s visit in our mind’s eye the best places in Japan. The first item in the list of where to go and when in Japan occupies the Himeji castle. It’s really an incredible structure in the port of Himeji some hour away from Tokyo. It’s built of some 350 tons of wood and white plaster for water and fire protection. It’s worth mentioning that the castle…

  • Japan

    Where to go and when in Japan Round-up

    The list of where to go and when in Japan is almost endless, because each item of sightseeings and attractions varies from one season to another, and becomes different and even more bright or calm than it was when you experienced it for the first time. Autumn is an incredible, colour rich time. It can be depicted as a good artist with a brilliant brush in hand, and its work is that unique and remarkable because each leaf was painted separately, the palette of colours is that of a rainbow, here you will find golden, dark-cherry, red, orange, pink, brown or green. In autumn it’s even a more pleasure to…

  • Osaka Festival

    Festivals in Japan Brighten up your Life

    Travel Japan to participate in its numerous festivals, because they are one of the most bright Japanese adventures. No matter when you may travel Japan and what city you may stay at, you will be welcomed and get familiriarized with its religious, national, seasonal and natural festivals in Japan. The events are celebrated throughout the year in the land of the rising sun. We’ll point out only the most famous and brightest festivals starting with the first month of the year and up to December: January is renowned in Japan for New Year celebrations, and the most colourful one is Osaka Festival with a Geisha parade along the city streets…

  • Weather in Japan

    Weather in Japan: Find Your Best Time to Get there

    Travel Japan to experience diverse weather in Japan, because here you may experience everything – in summer hot sun rays will make your skin tanned and sea water warm, and in autumn you will be stunned by the golden beauty of woods and parks, in winter you can ski, skate or sledge, make a snowman or play snowballs and spring with little rain will breathe a new vivid and bright air in Japan, and bring tender pink sakura blossom, rosy flourishing areas have been drawing lots of people here and there are many works of art in Japan devoted to this breathtaking view. Travel Japan though it is rather a…

  • visit osaka

    Osaka, The Real Japanese Gem

    Osaka, dating back to some 6th century, and that’s one of the oldest cities and the third largest in Japan, it’s day time population is a bit fewer than that of Tokyo’s. For some 10 years Osaka used to be the capital and gave rise to commerce and business. But even now the city remains a great port providing sea connection to travel Japan with other districts of the country, now known as prefectures, and other countries, e.g. Korea. If you travel Japan, go to Osaka, as it is the home to several outstanding sightseeings and attractions in Japan, the most impressive are Osaka Castle, Mitami Shrine, Sanko Shrine, numerous…