• Hiroshima Peace Memorial

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome)

    When “Little Boy” ended World War II On August 6, 1945, it was a historical and heartbreaking day when a 20,000-ton TNT atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima from a height of 10,000 meters. The Bomb “little boy ” was dropped from the B-29’s long-range bomber “Enola Gay ” piloted by Paul Tibbets ended the World War II War is over, but the humanitarian side, we get a very expensive lesson. Hiroshima’s atomic bomb victims reached 140,000 people, not to mention the victims suffering from the radiation caused. The history of the dark became a lesson for humanity. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park To commemorate this tragedy, Hiroshima has now built…

  • Mt. Fuji

    Mt. Fuji in Japan, A Beautiful Painting of The Creator of Nature

    Visiting Japan is incomplete without visiting Mount Fuji. With an altitude of 3,776 meters above sea level, Mt. Fuji has been named the highest mountain in Japan and is regarded as one of the distinctive panoramas of Japan. You can enjoy views of the peak of Mtt Fuji from Tokyo’s substation and Shinkansen train windows when the weather is clear. Mt. Fuji in Japan is a source of inspiration The most beautiful scenery will make you bewitched instantly. The beauty of Mt. Fuji is well known in many countries. and become a source of inspiration for various works of art. Starting from paintings, photographs, to literary works. No wonder that…

  • Yasukuni Shrine

    Yasukuni Shrine, A God of War Temple in Tokyo Japan

    When you visit Japan, you will find many Shrine/ temples. In almost every city, even in each sub-district, each has its own shrine. It is no wonder that Japan deserves the title of a thousand shrines. Temples in Japan There are two types of Japanese temples in Japan. First, the shrine for Shinto religion, referred to by the term “Jinja ” or “Shrine “. Secondly, the temple for Buddhism, referred to by the term “tera/dera ” or “Temple “. The entrance gate of Shinto Shrine has a distinctive shape. This door is called “Ootori “. When passing through this door, a person is believed to have entered the Holy Territory…

  • train in Japan

    Enjoy Clean, Safety And Always On Time Train in Japan

    The public transportation sector is a reflection of the excellence of cities in developed countries. No exception in Tokyo. While in Tokyo, you will see how the train becomes a mainstay transportation by its citizens. In terms of cleanliness, safety and timeliness, the trains in Japan is much better than trains in the U.S or Europe.  You will fall in love with train in Japan. Japanese people make trains as part of their lives. At first you will feel confused when given a train map. Then you’ll realize that it’s easy to train from one place to another in Japan. The biggest problem, especially for the new traveller coming to…