• Tips to Staying Safe While Travelling Abroad
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    4 Tips to Stay Safe While Travelling Abroad

    News about tourists who died of illness while on vacation, drowned, and killed often circulated on the internet lately. Moreover, some time ago, news about some American tourists who died mysteriously in the Dominican Republic also made a commotion. This news not only frighten tourists, but also more or less impede one’s intention to go on vacation. In fact, according to the authorities, the death of tourists due to accidents or illness is actually not surprisingly.   4 Biggest Risk While Travelling Abroad As reported by the insider and Suara.com, Here are the 4 biggest risks that can cause someone to die while on vacation. We also review 4 Tips to Staying…

  • Tips to Prevent Hypothermia
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    5 Tips to Prevent Hypothermia At High Altitude

    Hypothermia is a risk that threatens our health as we ascend the mountain. To keep mountain climbing safe, here’s a tip to prevent it. Before climbing, you should know how to prevent hypothermia from being exposed. Hypothermia can harm you if you don’t immediately get help, Hypothermia is a condition in which the body temperature decreases drastically below normal and at risk of lowering vital organ function. Hypothermia Prevention Here are some tips to prevent hypothermia to be known before climbing: 1. Prepare perfectly before climbing Explore the risks associated with mountaineering, including weather forecasts. That way, you can avoid the risk of hypothermia. 2. Use suitable jackets and shoes…

  • Hunting sunrise
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    This is what you have to prepare before you hunt Sunrise

    The highlands and sunrise in the early morning are always a beautiful combination to enjoy. But all is not as easy as seeing the results. There are a number of things we pay attention to. Here are tips for prepare hunting sunrise that you can follow. Estimate Weather Conditions If you want to hunt the sunrise the best time you need is certainly not during the rainy season. If the weather is cloudy and the sky is covered in clouds, it is clear that the sun’s light will not appear perfectly. Especially if it rains, it is certain that the sunrise hunting plan will fail miserably. Even though the weather conditions are sometimes…

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    4 Smart Tips for Choosing Open Trip Offers

    Visiting tourist attractions is one of the effective ways to release boredom and stress after your work routine. Lots of offers to do tour packages that are very tempting, but there is nothing wrong for us to be more cautious in choosing the tour packages offered. There are many cases of unpleasant experiences experienced by tourists when using open trip services offered online. This should make us more cautious and careful in choosing open trip services. We are also required to be careful in choosing, critical and not immediately tempted by the low price of the open trip service. You may like also:  Jember Fashion Carnaval | The Third World Rank…

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    Don’t want to get bored while taking a long flight? Here are the tips

    Traveling with long flights is a boring trip. Especially if taken with a budget flight with minimal facilities and lack of entertainment facilities. It will be a different case if you are boarding a business class or first class flight, you will be spoiled with complete and comfort facilities . There are a number of things you can do so that you don’t feel bored and stay comfortable while traveling. 1. Choose a chair At check-in counter, you can ask the check-in counter officer if there is a seat that is comfortable to choose from during long flights. If you are a person who is easily bored, you can choose…