• Hawaii's Volcanoes National park

    A Dream Holiday At Hawaii

    Situated 2000 miles across the Pacific Island, a Paradise on land or “Hawaii” is world famous for its scenic beauty and beaches. A popular tourist destination, the island of Hawaii enjoys a warm subtropical climate all round the year. Not only this, the place boasts of a rich social heritage. So whether you are visiting Hawaii for a honeymoon trip, a bon voyage, or a general vacation, you are sure to experience the spectacular scenic beauty right from East Hawaii’s tropical rainforests to desert lavas, to mountain tops covered with snow. Also, famous are the Kilauea volcano continuously erupting since the year 1983 and Kona coffee of Hawaii. The Hawaii’s…

  • South Lake Tahoe

    Things to do in South Lake Tahoe

    Well if you have never been to South Lake Tahoe I highly recommend it. Every year my family and I would setup a different basecamp by south lake hotels. These are memories that will last a lifetime and we always have a great time with the different activities they have. There are many things to do in South Lake Tahoe. Some of our favorite activities during the winter are snowboarding, skiing, building a snowman, and playing in the snow. The scenery here is second to none during the winter. So if you love nature this is definitely a place you have to visit. Another great time of the year to…

  • Others

    Fishing On River Teith, Scotland

    This year we had the pleasure of fishing for sea trout, trout and Salmon in callander in Scotland on the river Teith. The water quality and clarity is excellent, the area beside the car park in callander town centre provides excellent wading. The wading is easy going, with a smooth sandy bottom to the river. Fly Fishing Brown Trout Fishing All though most angles visit this river for it’s runs of salmon and sea trout the growing brown trout population is often overlooked. We had a number of small brown trout on the dry fly and one or two on small nympths. Equipment: 9ft 6-7 Fly Rod on Dry fly…

  • explore london

    Explore London, Trip to London

    Explore London However, that needn’t stop visitors from having some of that clichéd, fairy-tale experience when they get there. London can be anything you want it to be, and if that is a fantasy world on a par with Disney’s, then so be it. Firstly, it’s perfectly easy to take a tour on an open-topped, bright red double decker bus – a variety of companies will offer to show you the sights from that elevated perspective. And if you want something a little more Cliff Richard, then you can even hire a 1960s Routemaster for your private and nostalgic Summer Holiday. As for high-tea, where better than St James Restaurant…

  • London

    Discover an alternative London To Visit

    Of course, those old and well established attractions still draw a vast number of holidaymakers – but increasingly the slightly more outlying areas of London are attracting a significant number of visitors, seeking out a different or particular experience. Consequently, these areas have responded with a mushrooming of hotels, youth hostels and flats all over, meaning that a trip to Hoxton needn’t end with a taxi fare back to Baker Street. For those whose urges lie in seeking out fashion, art and music, East London is the place to be. As the media continually remind us, London is a back as a world-beating hub for all things fashionable. It’s pretty…

  • alcatraz island

    Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Operating Hours & Seasons

    Alcatraz Island is well-known for the penitentiary that used to be located on the 12 acres of island located a mere 1.5miles/2.5km northeast of San Francisco Bay. Before it was a penitentiary, Alcatraz was named Isla de los Alcatraces (Island of the Pelicans), since Ayala, the first Spaniard to alight, found large numbers of nesting pelicans there. A lighthouse was erected in 1853 when many ships visited the island, often shrouded in fog, during the California gold-rush. The island was a military prison from 1861-65 during the Civil War, and was used for the well-known jail between 1933-1963. It is worth paying extra to use the audio tour, which is…